What is the Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval?

So what is this seal then?
Our seal of approval is awarded to products and services that we approve of, these have been road tested and reviewed by us and by awarding it our seal we are sayings we like it and recommend it.
Do all products and services get the seal?
No, if we don't like something or do not approve of it, we won't award it the seal. If we  aren't keen on a product or service we won't feature it on the site, and will simply send feedback to how the product or service could be improved. Some items are sent to us to be reviewed, but this does not automatically mean they get awarded our seal, only if a product or service survives vigorous testing does it make it on to the site and awarded our seal.
How can your product or service get the Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval?
Get in touch with us, either via twitter or via our contact page, after we receive the product we give it a thorough road testing and if we are happy with it, we then write the review, feature it on our site, give you the seal and tweet frequently about it. We usually have a turn around of 2-3 weeks depending on the product. You can then also feature the seal on your site / marketing material and be proud to say the Slummy Mummies gave you their approval!

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