Teddies, rattles, balls, squeakers, cubes, rings ....  baby toys come in all shapes and sizes....but what to get is the main issue. Before Baby J was born we got him a blue teddy [cue ahhhh's] but its not something at the moment he's taken much notice of; through my family & other slummy mummies I've discovered some little gems of toys which Baby J has taken to and now wouldn't be without, so here are some of my must have's....

From Birth.....
Black & White Soft books - around £5 in shops [cheaper online] Soft black and white books that can be attached easily to the pram, simply patterns that baby can stare out especially in the early days, some come with a mirror and have themed images, and as they are soft baby can swipe at them, grab them and eat them without causing tears.

Squeakers  - around £5-10- small stick looking soft toys that have something on the end [I'll get a photo on soon] that squeak or rattle. When I first saw these I was unimpressed, but  I soon discovered their usefulness when baby needs a quick diversion from the tantrums or tears, small enough to fit in your bag and grab out in seconds to soothe baby

Lamaze Toys -from £7 upwards. Pre Baby J I hadn't a clue about Lamaze toys and didn't really see what made them so special, role on a few months and some kind presents and I can see why they are so popular! They are specially designed to last a baby from birth up till 2 years +,  they are colourful and have a mutlitude of textures to gain baby's interest. Baby J has so far been given...

Foot and wrist socks -which are socks with a little rattle or squeaky bug on, and the little velcroed wrist version, these are great to get baby occupy baby, Baby J is taking more notice of these and loves how when he kicks his feet up in the air it makes a rattle sound or a crinkle.

Captin Calamari - around £10 a cuddley squid that is colourful and has different textures and noises, with a ball and ring that hang down. I've hung Baby J's from his play gym and out of everything hanging on it its Captin Calamari he goes for and swipes to send flying.

Octotunes -around £15-20 This is Baby J's favourite toy ever! Lucky for him his daddy bought it. Its a cuddley octopus that has horns on each tentacle that play a different tone [Baby J's daddy can play various different tunes on him] It has a big smiley face and is vanilla scented [we keep him on the back of the sofa] Baby J loves to just sit and stare at him, and is now starting to grab for him,  I can see that Octotunes is going to keep him amused for ages.

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