The Story of the Slummy Mummies

Back in April 2012, 10 bleary eyed & sleep deprived first time new mums came together at the Children’s Centre in Witney to attend the 'Post Natal Course'. Every Thursday for a month we all turned up with our new-borns, and avidly listened to the information given to us by our 'guru' Sarah, trying to absorb as much of the information as possible, whilst attempting to feed/ calm / rock to sleep / or change our babies. At the end of the 4 weeks we exchanged e-mail address with the vague notion that it'd be nice to catch up every now and again, after the final session we all de-camped to Nero's to have a well-deserved coffee and cake. Two hours later and high on caffeine the group decided to create a Facebook group, and as we needed a name for the group the Slummy Mummies was invented. Since then the group has come together to form a tightly knit group who regularly meet up to support each other through this wonderful road trip of first time motherhood. We've had coffee mornings, wine nights, Sunday lunches, picnics, and parties. We've also done strolls around Blenheim, attended taster sessions, swimming lessons, met the PM [in passing] and learnt about baby sign language. We've also become regulars at some of the sessions that the Children's centre runs. Since we entered the realm of Twitter, we've also done product testing, reviews and promoted other local organisations. We've been interview by radio Oxford, & have been asked to appear on Witney TV! We also have a blog / website which I update which covers baby friendly places in Witney, reviews of nappies / products/ toys /baby sessions, and general Slummy Mummy antics. We've also picked up a few extra Slummies on the way, and the group have helped each other through the ups and downs and have made firm friends for life

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