Let's face it nappies are one of the most important items in any parents changing bag, and there is nothing worse when a nappy FAILS, and baby ends of soaked or worse still cover in poo! Below are some of the heroes and villains of the nappy world that I've come across...

Newborn size -
Hero - Huggies, they kept baby J [who weighed in at just 6lb 3/4oz] dry all the time, easy to put on and easy to adjust to a small wriggling baby. 5/5

Asda own brand, they've won loads of awards and I can see why, great value for money and great fitting, no leaks or red marks 5/5

Villan - Pampers, everyone's favourite just weren't suitable for small babies and each time they were used they leaked, causing baby J a wet back and needing a change of clothes. 2/5

Size 2 -
Hero - Asda own brand, again great fit and no leaks or red marks 5/5

Boots own brand - no leaks, but did leave the odd red mark 3/5

Villan's - I didn't come across any ones to avoid = )

Size 3 - [which all seemed to be orange and blue in colour]
Hero - Sainsburys own brand, good vale for money, nice fit and no red marks 5/5

Morrison's own brand - not bad fit a bit big on smaller babies, no leaks but the odd red mark

Huggies Natural fit, lots of offers on these and the ones I'm currently using cute pattern with winnie the pooh, good fit, no leaks, the odd red mark  4/5

New Hero - Asda size 3, great value for money, fab fit and no red marks. They also have a variety of cute pics on them 5/5

Size 4- I think I have found that by this size, you pretty much know what brand of nappies you like and stick with it. For me Asda nappies rule, good value, well fitting, choice between extra day or ones that are suitable for babies that move a lot. My only wish is that they'd make the colours different between sizes, so if you do have an odd small one lying around you'll be able to tell much quicker!

I've also tried size 4 Sainsburys - whilst they fitted well, I did find them smaller fitting than the Asda ones, so switched back.


  1. When the diapers leak, they do it in one of two ways which allows you to troubleshoot a bit. When my baby was small, they'd leak around the thighs. Every time I put the diaper on, I'd slide a finger along the thigh and make sure the elastic was snug, no gaps. This helped a lot.

    1. Thanks Jessica, it seemed to be a common issue with some of the branded nappies