Before I get criticised I know that breast feeding is best for babies, but alas this isn't always the option, and often mums are faced with the hard choice of giving their babies formula, I found that there was vey little information out there on what the difference was between the different formulas on the market, and none of the professionals I asked were willing to steer me in the direction of the 'better formula'. In my opinion any mum who has to put their newborn on formula will not have made this decision easily, and they shouldn't have to justify themselves to EVERYONE about why they have had to put their baby on forumla, they should be given credit that they have made the really difficult choice, and at the end of the day as long as the baby is fed and is developing as normal it should make no difference if the baby is on formula or breast milk!

SMA - Available in liquid small & large carton, and powder.
Baby J was put on SMA when he was in hospital [at the time as part of combination feeding, then after 10 days full feeds on formula] The liquid version has a strong 'fishy' smell, and baby J's burps consequently smelled of fish, he had no problem in taking SMA, but sadly SMA didn't agree with him and he became badly constipated and was straining frequently to produce a dirty nappy. We'd often be woken during the night to hear him straining. I asked my health visitor for advice and was just told to give him 2oz of cooled water in the morning and evening; great advice but for a 3 week old I felt that there must of been an alternative.

APTIMIL - Available in liquid & small cartons
Following the advice of friends and family I switched Baby J to Aptimil and haven't looked back since, it doesn't have the strong fishy smell, and the powder mixes up into more of a lighter formula. Baby J took to it well, and was soon producing regular dirty nappies. On the down side out of all the formula milk I've seen on the shelves of chemists and supermarkets Aptimil is the most expensive with the average 'tin' costing £9.49 and the cartons 69p for 200ml.

*Every baby is individual, and what works for one will not necessarily work for another, this is just my experience

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