Monday, 30 November 2015

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray - review by Mummy Q

Mummy Q was recently sent some antibacterial spray by Milton & was asked to review it.... This is what she thought...

The spray was really great, it's design makes it really easy to use especially when you are in a rush or have your hands full with a little one. 

The scent is really mild & non offensive, I hate it when sprays are heavily scented & often worry that it if food comes in contact with a surface it'll pick up the scent from the spray, with this spray this is not a worry. The spray did a great job & removed the residue from breakfast & left my surfaces really clean. With it being Milton I felt reassured that there were no nasties left lurking on the tops.  I love that it can be used on multiple surfaces so it means you can use the spray throughout the home.

The spray is well priced, and given Miltons reputation is one I'd buy again, a lot goes a long way so it's really good value for money. 
The spray is widely available in supermarkets, and other high street shops like Superdrug & Boots.