Wednesday, 22 April 2015 product review colour in fancy dress

J's favourite activities at the moment include dress up & drawing, so when I was asked to review a product which combine the 2 I jumped at the chance! kindly sent me 2 colour in outfits a princess & a pirate, so when I rainy day threatened to put a damper on a play date we got the out & let the little ones have some creative fun! They loved it & had great fun making some creative costumes. J finished his after his buddy went home & with some help from mummy managed to put his creation together to show it off to Daddy! 
The products are really great & help little ones express themselves. J loved wandering round with his on! Big thumbs up from us! I'll definitely stock up on more for rainy days.
Check out the rest of their site for more fab creative fun


  1. HAha) Cool thing. That's a real fun for children. I'd like to order such for my sister.

  2. Tahlia Tuckson4 April 2016 at 03:52

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