Monday, 30 November 2015

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray - review by Mummy Q

Mummy Q was recently sent some antibacterial spray by Milton & was asked to review it.... This is what she thought...

The spray was really great, it's design makes it really easy to use especially when you are in a rush or have your hands full with a little one. 

The scent is really mild & non offensive, I hate it when sprays are heavily scented & often worry that it if food comes in contact with a surface it'll pick up the scent from the spray, with this spray this is not a worry. The spray did a great job & removed the residue from breakfast & left my surfaces really clean. With it being Milton I felt reassured that there were no nasties left lurking on the tops.  I love that it can be used on multiple surfaces so it means you can use the spray throughout the home.

The spray is well priced, and given Miltons reputation is one I'd buy again, a lot goes a long way so it's really good value for money. 
The spray is widely available in supermarkets, and other high street shops like Superdrug & Boots. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

When I was asked to road test the Milton Surface wipes I gladly agreed wipes of any sort make a parents life easier, so as soon as they arrived I added them to my mummy bag & set off for our family day! 

The came in use early on in our day when we went for a picnic, the table we chose to use at the park was in a sorry state with "yuckyness" as my son described it left all over it, one quick wipe over later & lunch could resume. The wipes cleared away the stickiness with ease, and left the table clean & ready to use. The wipes are tough & don't come apart in your hand as you use them, they have a very mild clean scent which smelled clean & fresh. 


Since the park the wipes have also come in handy for wiping down toys after J shared them with some younger chewing friends, wiping over the potty, loo seats in public loos & toys that have come out of storage & cleaning up after a messy dinner. Each time the wipes have done a great job, removing grime & making the surface clean & germ free. Leaving me safe in the knowledge that any nasties have been eliminated! The packs are well priced & ideal for all parents. I think they would especially be useful for younger children who are at the chewing everything in site stage. Big thumbs up for me!
Here's the info -

Antibacterial Surface Wipes


Ideal for travel and quick clean ups at home or on the move with baby. Kill 99.9% of germs including bacterial and fungi. Can be used on highchairs, toys, changing mats. Also handy for on the go when using public transport and restaurant toilets. Fragrance free and no need to rinse.


RRP – £2.29. Stockists: Asda, Babies R Us, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and Precious Little One.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 product review colour in fancy dress

J's favourite activities at the moment include dress up & drawing, so when I was asked to review a product which combine the 2 I jumped at the chance! kindly sent me 2 colour in outfits a princess & a pirate, so when I rainy day threatened to put a damper on a play date we got the out & let the little ones have some creative fun! They loved it & had great fun making some creative costumes. J finished his after his buddy went home & with some help from mummy managed to put his creation together to show it off to Daddy! 
The products are really great & help little ones express themselves. J loved wandering round with his on! Big thumbs up from us! I'll definitely stock up on more for rainy days.
Check out the rest of their site for more fab creative fun