Saturday, 30 August 2014

Brown Bear- at last a decent baby shop comes to Witney

With the parent parking spaces being full near Waitrose yesterday I had to park in the long stay area of the car park, I'm so pleased I did as I got to discover Brown Bear which has recently opened in Witney.

The shop is situated on the end of the row of shops (opposite end to Hacketts) and has lots of goodies for babies, toddler and parents. I loved wandering round and seeing the amazing aray of stock that they have.  Brown Bear isn't like the other children's shops in Witney, for a start it's really accessible, and buggy friendly all on one level with space to wheel around (hooray!) it's light airey and a pleasure to  browse around. Along with the usual baby things Brown Bear also stocks all those 'life saving' baby times such as snooze shades, gro bags, gro clocks etc. Many of these items I remember waiting days for to arrive when J was a baby having had to order them online (& pulling my hair out in the waiting process)  they also have some adorable new baby items, including the range of the 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. J also spotted his favourite Gruffalo in the shape of a Trunki, luckily he was in the buggy else I'm sure he'd of been out and whiz zing around on one.... Which I'm sure the staff wouldn't of minded, the lady behind the counter was friendly and welcoming and willing to help.
The shop is just round the corner from the rear entrance of the Methodist church where there the children's centre holds sessions, so it's ideal to visit before or after!
Big thumbs up from me, I will definitely be making a return visit.


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