Saturday, 30 August 2014

Baking with a toddler - the slummy mummy way

Over the summer one of J & mummy's favourite activity has become baking cakes. After a few trial and errors we now have our baking time down to a fine art, it's a time we both love, and the cakes at the end taste pretty damn good!
Bear in mind J is only 2.5... So his patience isn't so great, I discovered the hard way waiting for ingredients to be weighed was way to long for him, so using cake mixes are the ideal alternative. My favourite ones are by Wrights Flour who have an array of cake mixed from chocolate fudge, Ginger, Madeira, toffee, carrot etc. They are also fairly cheap for the amount you make up. You simply need to add water a vegetable oil (stock items we all have) & then you're away!

Here's our baking routine -
1. Mummy gets the kitchen ready, clean tops, bowl ready, oven pre-heating, and chair in the kitchen for J to stand on.
2. Mummy & J wash hands.
3. J gets his apron on (& in our home his chef bandanna)
4. J picks the cup cake cases and puts them in the tray.
5. Mummy empties the mix in the bowl and J stirs the flour, mixing out the lumps.
6. Mummy adds the water and oil - J mixes it in.
7. Mummy helps J mix, but generally leaves him to it.
8. Mummy spoons the mix into the cases - J licks his spoon.
9. Mummy puts the cakes in the oven. 
10. We check on the cakes together, and when it's time mummy lifts them out.
11. J helps check to see if they are cool to decorate, once they are - Mummy uses the back of the spoon to spread the icing on, & J decorates with sprinkles from a little bowl.
12. We both taste test the cakes in the garden.

I'm sure over time J will do more and more and we can learn to follow recipes together as well. I purchased a little baking set for him and it's ideal as he can grip the smaller spoon easier, he also knows not to mess with the bigger spoons. Yesterday we made chocolate fudge cake cup cakes for Grandad's birthday. We all enjoyed them!

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