Sunday, 27 July 2014

Strawberry picking fun at Millets Farm Centre Abingdon

Having grown up on a farm myself & learnt first hand where food comes from I want J to grow up gaining an understanding too. So when my dear friend E suggested taking our boys strawberry picking I jumped at the chance, it sounded like a fun educational morning to me - a tasty one too! 

Equipped with our baskets we set off to find the strawberries, it's only a short walk from the car park but for J he needed a snack stop en route, after refuelling we walked the last few meteres & were greeted by tunnel after poly tunnel of strawberries! The strawberries were on stands which meant the strawberries hung down, making it so much easier to see them & pick them, for our boys the stands were just a tad too high, but they did manage to find some just low enough that they could reach up & pick them. E explained which ones to pick & they were away. The boys then cottoned on that what they were picking were edible, & soon I had J trying a few, declaring them all tasty & yummy! It was a memorable sight seeing them hunting for the best ones then sampling a few. Be aware the ground is a little uneven so excited little ones may trip, E managed well taking the buggy down the rows, her buggy is well equipped for off roading, my little one would have struggled. 

Baskets full we headed back to the shop to pay. This was the only downside to the day, you had to pay in the shop, & at lunch time the queues were huge, it'd be better if they could set up an outdoor paying station near the gate to save treking through the shop.

We had a magical time & J proudly told family about his tasty picking adventure. We will definitely be going back again for more picking, we'll check out the other fruit & veg on picking offer too!

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