Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sili Squeeze - perfect for food on the go. Product review

When I was asked to review the Sili Squeeze I wasn't sure what to expect. I was told it was ideal for baby food on the go, & having seen some of the other reusable pouches on the market, I was expecting something like those. I was pleasantly surprised to be given something far more sturdy & durable!  I decided it'd be best to try it at home first so I had back ups on hand in case it it all went to pot, I filled it with my baby's favourite puree of apple & peach & gave it later that day, the Silli Squeeze  so easy to use, undo - fill up- put top on - squeeze & go. The soft case made it easy to grip especially when things got messy. I was also concerned that it'd be a pain to clean, but it was easy to take a part & put in my dishwasher! Huzzah! I've used it several times since & each time had a great experience, my Sili Squeeze has become part of my everyday kit & I've recommended it to my NCT mummies too.

I love the Sili Squeeze you can tell it's been created by parents for parents! I've looked on line & seen that they come in different colours, which will be great to identify sweet & savoury as I must admit on occasion I've forgotten which pot has pudding in & served up pear for mains & parsnip for pudding - I'm sure Delia would not approve.
Great product, great price - a must have! 
Slummy mummy seal of approval granted!

Sili Squeeze are now offering all mummies a £3 discount of their orders for a limited time by using the code - SILISM at the checkout

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  1. And the Sili Squeezes are freezer safe - make food ahead of time for convenience!