Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kids have meltdowns get over it!

Today my friends son mid shop had a meltdown. My friend as always handled it well, she calmly held him & spoke quietly to him. She stayed in the shop multi tasking waiting in the queue to pay. I was with her & had the misfortune to hear the rude grumblings of a fellow customer who in his twilight years made mean & nasty comments. 
 I have never experienced such nastiness targeted at a mother before, & it reduced me to tears. My mum always taught me that if you having nothing nice to say don't say anything at all, whislt I appreciate standing in a queue with an upset child isn't pleasant, please think of the parent, instead of scowling offer a supportive smile, instead of glaring, give a friendly eye roll, or pull a face for the little one. Instead of judging - put yourself in the parents shoes. 
We cannot possibly remove ourselves from shops each time a meltdown occurs  as this would give our children the message that to get out of shopping just cry & wail! 
I was mortified how another parent could be so harsh especially as he had his grandchildren with him - what sort of message does that give them? Not the best role model for them. I tried to talk calmly to him to no avail, other customers tried to help by saying not to worry. 
I hope this man realises what he has done, & next time has a tad more patience. 

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