Sunday, 6 July 2014

Clothies burping cloth - product review

Burping cloths are part of every parents essential kit, baby drinks - baby burps - burp cloths catch it = standard!  But burp clothes don't have to be standard!

Introducing Clothies burp cloths, fun & funky designed cloths with a fleece back to absorb the spills. As a mummy I have a pile of muslin cloths to do the job - could I be tempted to switch? Does the Clothies cover all bases?
1. Design- big enough to catch spills, small enough to fit in my bag. The Clothies was just right
2. Wash -I'm a  bung it in the wash without reading instructions person, the Clothies survived well- and came out still looking fab & retaining it's shape. 
3. Style - Clothies score top marks here, they come in a wonderful large range of designs that are bright & colourful, with patterns to suit all tastes. 
4. Mopping up spills - not only does it look fab but the Clothies also do a great job of catching the spills, the fleece backing is super absorbent!
5. Price - at £14.99 for 3 the Clothies would make a great baby shower / new baby gift.

Would I be tempted to switch? Use a Clothie is far more stylish in public than a muslin cloth, it does a great job of looking  funky & being practical - which is what we all want. So I think having a range of Clothies to hand is a great idea! I would of loved a pack in my baby shower gifts & will suggesting them as gifts for others!
Slummy mummy seal of approval given 

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