Friday, 13 June 2014

The sun has got his hat on – top sunny tips from the Slummies

With the sun finally arriving and looking like it is here to stay, I wanted to share a few tips with you to make your life a little bit easier.

Hats – and lots of them, there is nothing worse than a day in the sun being delayed because you can’t find your child’s sun hat. To avoid this be savvy and buy a few I got some really funky low price ones for as little as £3 each. We store them in a basket by the front door which makes it an easy reminder to grab one as we walk out. I also have one stashed in the car, and in my bag. J regularly rotates his nursery sun hats; I always check at the end of each day what hat they have stored there.

Sunscreen – shop around, there is always an offer on somewhere for third off or BOGOF’s. I go for factor 50 for sensitive skin [as J has eczema] I’ve also bought a few in different formats, and have found the J likes the rollerball one and will happily apply it himself [Mummy then fills in the gaps] it also fits snuggly in his bag. The spray ones are good too and aren’t quite as greasy as the regular cream ones. Like hats I have a few bottles so I’m not doing a mad hunt for it before we go out. I also keep a bottle of after sun in the fridge, just in case.

First Aid kit – keep a small one in your car and bag with the basics in, as with more short wearing and running around comes more trips and grazes!

Wipes – I have wipes everywhere, car, handbag, next to the sofa etc. They wipe away everything, and are a lifesaver with melting ice cream & squished summer fruits.

Talcum Powder – Is a must for all sand pit lovers, a quick dusting of talc after J gets out the sand pit of off the beach helps remove the sand making for a happier J, and happier mummy as it’s not trekked through the house. I take a travel size one to the beach.

Sunglasses – Luckily J loves wearing his ‘sunnies’ unluckily he’s a tad heavy handed so has broken a few pairs. So I tend to go for the lower price ones.  He does look mighty cute in them!


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