Monday, 30 June 2014

Guest Spot - The Launch of the Parent Education Company - by Mummy S

I recently attended the launch event of the Parent Education Company, a brand new business based in Witney and developed by my NCT mummy buddy Sarahjane Gillies.

I’ve known Sarahjane for over 8 years and value the knowledge she brings to all us Mum’s as we struggle with the demands of parenthood, work and general life. If we are going through a difficult phase with our child, we always draw upon Sarahjane’s 15 years of experience working with children and their families as a qualified early years teacher, to bring practical and grounded advice to see us through.

Sarahjane wanted to spend as much time as possible with William (aged 15months) at home, instead of returning to the demands of teaching, but also wanted to share her professional and practical experience with other parents who go through various difficult phases with their children. So she has created this inspirational business to fit around being a Mum, but also to fulfil her ambitions.

The Parent Education Company delivers workshops on positive behaviour management, language and literacy development, raising self-esteem and confidence. The workshops are very child focussed and the advice given is both practical and achievable.

If workshops are a little out of your comfort zone, Sarahjane also offers a consultation service within the family home. She will develop a personalised and specialised positive behaviour management plan to help provide parents with the tools to raise happy, contented children.

Check out the website:

or email:

for further advice or chat about attending forthcoming workshops.

Fingers crossed this business flourishes and goes from strength to strength.





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