Monday, 30 June 2014

Peppa Pig World at Paultin’s Park – A must for all Peppa Pig Fans.

J loves Peppa Pig, and after watching countless episodes [why are they so short?] I have also become a fan. The cute pink pig has teenagers attitude, and has been a huge influence on J. He loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles [with his boots of course – that’s what Mummy Pig insists] feeding the ducks, and asks for chocolate cake at meal times [its Peppa’s favourite!] He also knows to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ too. When we heard about Peppa Pig world we were all excited, we were even more excited to hear that its suitable for young children so lots of rides for J to go on.

We bought our tickets online which saves a few pennies and got there early, parking was easy. With pre-purchased tickets entry was super quick; we were given a map and headed straight to Peppa Pig World.

We were WOWED! There was so much to do, we’d be advised to head for rides which get busy first so we went on Miss Rabbits helicopter ride,  and after a 10 minute queue we were flying through the air, getting a bird’s eye view of the park, STUNNING! From there we went on the balloon ride, car ride, we explored Peppa’s house, rode a dinosaur, soared in the clouds, and floated in boats. There was so much to do we had great fun. J loved pointing out the characters and got excited to see all his favourites. The queues did build on some of the popular rides [The dinosaur ride we waited 20 mins] but for others we go straight on. On a few rides the moment was captured on camera which you could buy after, unfortunately for us when the only one we looked decent in was shown, the printing machine was down – BOOOO.

Peppa Pig world has lots to see and do with everything from the gardens to paths to stalls looking like they’d been zapped straight out the show; you really were immersed into it. When we stopped for lunch there was plenty of picnic tables available to use, we were joined by some rather aggressive ducks, at first this was a novelty for J, but after nearly losing his sausage roll he found it all very scary and climbed into my lap for protection! After we explored the Mr Potato’s playground and J charged round climbing on everything following the rainbow road which led to … Muddy puddles. This time I was prepared, I’d got both J’s swimmers and his waterproofs and given the overcast weather opted to put him in his wellies and water proofs – he loved it and jumped to his heart’s content in the puddles, the fountains came on in turn and on one occasion J found himself right in the middle and got soaked! Quick cuddle from Mummy and a change of clothes later he was ready for the park again… there really is no stopping him.

I found the changing facilities disappointing, given the main customers are families they were crowded and not well placed.  In a ladies toilet in the main park there was a drop down unit,  right near the door, no cubical, so had there of been a queue we would have been in the middle of it. Likewise the unit was fine if you were tall, but for more petite ladies they would have struggled. At 5ft 8in I could just about cope.

Each ride had space nearby where you could park the buggy, for some rides I parked the buggy fairly centrally and left it there. With of course removed our valuables! It was lovely to see all the buggies lined up, it really reinforced the family vibe the park has.

 Entry to Peppa Pig World also give you entry to the rest of Paultin’s and there is so much to see and do, after the excitement of Peppa Pig we wandered through the gardens and through ‘dinosaur land’ which was lovely but a tad tired looking. Clearly money has been ploughed into Peppa Pig world in recent years and I feel that the rest of the park may have been neglected somewhat. I think it’d be a good idea to separate the pricing for Paultin’s and Peppa Pig World, having tickets for each separate area at a lower price with the option of both for a combined price, a coloured wrist band entry would help identify who has paid for what. I also think parents should be issues with a lost child sticker as standard, with so many children running around this I’m sure would help sort out separated families quickly.

The gift shop at Peppa Pig world was stocked with all manner of Peppa Pig fun and had something for everyone at all prices. We treated J to a dinosaur like George’s which he clung to – one very happy toddler.

The food outlets were ok price wise, not particularly cheap but not overly expensive. The choice wasn’t fantastic at Daddy Pig’s cafĂ© but we found something for everyone to top up our picnic.

The exit is every parent’s worse nightmare ….. it’s via the toy shop – great for Paultin’s, not so great for parents,  it’s impossible to get out without seeing something that your little one wanted, I think next time a blindfold would help!

 Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = Granted

Guest Spot - The Launch of the Parent Education Company - by Mummy S

I recently attended the launch event of the Parent Education Company, a brand new business based in Witney and developed by my NCT mummy buddy Sarahjane Gillies.

I’ve known Sarahjane for over 8 years and value the knowledge she brings to all us Mum’s as we struggle with the demands of parenthood, work and general life. If we are going through a difficult phase with our child, we always draw upon Sarahjane’s 15 years of experience working with children and their families as a qualified early years teacher, to bring practical and grounded advice to see us through.

Sarahjane wanted to spend as much time as possible with William (aged 15months) at home, instead of returning to the demands of teaching, but also wanted to share her professional and practical experience with other parents who go through various difficult phases with their children. So she has created this inspirational business to fit around being a Mum, but also to fulfil her ambitions.

The Parent Education Company delivers workshops on positive behaviour management, language and literacy development, raising self-esteem and confidence. The workshops are very child focussed and the advice given is both practical and achievable.

If workshops are a little out of your comfort zone, Sarahjane also offers a consultation service within the family home. She will develop a personalised and specialised positive behaviour management plan to help provide parents with the tools to raise happy, contented children.

Check out the website:

or email:

for further advice or chat about attending forthcoming workshops.

Fingers crossed this business flourishes and goes from strength to strength.





Friday, 13 June 2014

The sun has got his hat on – top sunny tips from the Slummies

With the sun finally arriving and looking like it is here to stay, I wanted to share a few tips with you to make your life a little bit easier.

Hats – and lots of them, there is nothing worse than a day in the sun being delayed because you can’t find your child’s sun hat. To avoid this be savvy and buy a few I got some really funky low price ones for as little as £3 each. We store them in a basket by the front door which makes it an easy reminder to grab one as we walk out. I also have one stashed in the car, and in my bag. J regularly rotates his nursery sun hats; I always check at the end of each day what hat they have stored there.

Sunscreen – shop around, there is always an offer on somewhere for third off or BOGOF’s. I go for factor 50 for sensitive skin [as J has eczema] I’ve also bought a few in different formats, and have found the J likes the rollerball one and will happily apply it himself [Mummy then fills in the gaps] it also fits snuggly in his bag. The spray ones are good too and aren’t quite as greasy as the regular cream ones. Like hats I have a few bottles so I’m not doing a mad hunt for it before we go out. I also keep a bottle of after sun in the fridge, just in case.

First Aid kit – keep a small one in your car and bag with the basics in, as with more short wearing and running around comes more trips and grazes!

Wipes – I have wipes everywhere, car, handbag, next to the sofa etc. They wipe away everything, and are a lifesaver with melting ice cream & squished summer fruits.

Talcum Powder – Is a must for all sand pit lovers, a quick dusting of talc after J gets out the sand pit of off the beach helps remove the sand making for a happier J, and happier mummy as it’s not trekked through the house. I take a travel size one to the beach.

Sunglasses – Luckily J loves wearing his ‘sunnies’ unluckily he’s a tad heavy handed so has broken a few pairs. So I tend to go for the lower price ones.  He does look mighty cute in them!