Sunday, 11 May 2014

2 year checks - dispelling the myths!

When I had the letter come through regarding J's 2 year check with the HV I was worried, I heard so many rumours about them that I worried myself silly... One friend had said "you have no choice over the appointment time!" Ah & here was mine at a really bad time....dare I try & change it! I called the HV's & they happily changed it for me. Hooray!
I then looked through the x2 questionnaire that you are asked to try & do, they questions ask about your child's social skills -eg how they interact with others? Are they over friendly with strangers? 
Everything seemed straight forward, I answered the questions honestly & consulted with hubby it to make sure he agreed.
The second questionnaire looked more at the child's motor skills, asking about walking, kicking a ball, holding cutlery etc. It asks for you to complete simple activities with your child, many of these I already had done with J and the others he'd recently done at nursery. So again nothing to worry about. 
There were also some questions about the child's sleeping, eating & toilet habits. 
On the day of the appointment the HV went through the questions with us & asked if we had any concerns. She weighed J & attempted to take his height measurement. She was really happy with his progress & complemented us on his manners. She also gave us some advice on his eczema. 
There was critiscm at all, we we're put at ease. I was also encouraged  to contact them in the future if I did have concerns. 
So if you have your child's 2 year check coming up, don't worry or panic the HV's are there to help! 

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