Saturday, 17 May 2014

DIY shorts!

With the sun finally out I suddenly panic about J having summer clothes, whilst searching his draws for shorts I came across a pair of his jeans that fitted round the waist but where a little short in the leg.... A few snips later &  a pair of shorts appeared! Ideally for the summer = SIMPLE!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Lego Land – Fab Family Fun!

When hubby suggested a day out at Lego Land with J I wasn’t so sure – what would J get from the day? Would he be able to go on the rides or would we have a frustrated toddler on our hands [AGAIN] We managed to find a great offer on the side of a cereal packet for 2 for 1 entry so I relented and agreed to go, & as J was 2 he would get in for free [HOORAY] We decided to see it as a family day out rather than a theme park trip, which was the best idea. There was no pressure to go on rides; instead we planned to enjoy the Lego marvel around us.

As we live only an hour away we planned to leave home at 8.45ish and get there for 10ish allowing for usual traffic, what I didn’t plan for [naively] were the long queues to get into Lego Land, they snaked down the resort and out on to the roads. A while later we got in, and then joined the long foot queue to get in – tickets in advance would have been easier for sure!  Once in we headed straight for the baby changers, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many options and so few queues for them. In every toilet block there were changing facilities and on the day we visited these were all clean!

I loved walking round Lego Land, around every corner is a Lego delight waiting to be discovered. J adored looking at the creations and seeing them move or start singing. For older children on some of the declining paths there was the option for them to use slides rather than the stairs – I would of loved to use this option too rather than the paths, but alas I was in charge of the buggy. We wondered round mini land and J came out of the buggy to explore, he soon found the rocket launcher, trains and boats, he ran from display to display excitedly pointing to things “look mummy boat” “daddy I found rocket!” He was a tad confused to see a real life duck had hijacked the mini duck pond though.

Upon entry you are given a map which indicates what rides are suitable for certain age children so it is easy to identify where to go, we opted to try one or two rides and  headed towards a mini train ride which was one of the first ride experiences J had ever had, with no queue we got on quickly, I squeezed in the small carriage  with him and we set off on the figure of 8 ride, J didn’t seem worried by it at all, and enjoyed pointing out the different characters we passed.  In the end we didn’t go on any more rides, the queues built up and J got tired so we enjoyed wandering round instead.

We stumbled about the splash zone and I regretted not bringing J’s swim things. It looked like so much fun, with different areas to go play in the water in, J looked on longingly. There was a shop with swim things for sale, but these were at Lego Land prices, and way beyond us, so we enjoyed watching the animals spurting water at the others instead. We then discovered the play area and J had great fun charging around, climbing on things, he’d of happily spent all day here.

Come lunch time we managed to find a picnic table and enjoyed the picnic we’d bought with us, there are lots of food outlets around so lots of choice, but again these are pricey so for a cheaper option a picnic is a great idea. The picnic table we used was next to a closed foot outlet, it would have been nice to see more random picnic tables around that families can use to enjoy their own food.

We then spent time wandering around the different zones, watching children getting soaked on the water rides and seeing the smiling hyped up faces of everyone leaving the rides. There is a lovely atmosphere at Lego land, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and having fun.


We managed to watch one of the stage shows, and saw the good guys defeat the pirates with lots of cheers and boos and amazing water stunts. My top tip for the shows would be to get their well before show time to get a good seat, we arrived late and ended up standing to the side and missed some of the action. The shows do get really crowded too.

We wondered round the gift shop after J had gone off for a snooze and although there were lots of lovely things, they were all really pricey! What happened to the days when you could buy things with pocket money? Now you need a bank loan to buy a memento! With a snoozing toddler we opted not to buy anything and to save the pennies for another day. On the way out we purchased some ice creams to cool us down,  the machine wasn’t working quite right so I had an odd shaped very frozen ice cream, by time it started to soften J had awoke and quickly claimed it as his.

At Lego Land you have to pay for parking, I’m disappointed by this surely there isn’t a need especially as the ticket prices are high?

All in all we had a fab day, with careful planning the day doesn’t have to be expensive, if you have young children don’t be put off, there is loads to see and occupy little ones without having to go on rides, saying that I am looking forward to when J gets a bit bigger so we can take him on all the rides.

Mary Jean natural products –review

I have recently been on the hunt for more natural baby products and came across the delights of Mary Jean I was sent some products to try and was soon whisked away to a calming lavender world of delight!

The handmade lotions and creams are packed full of natural ingredients with no nasties, making them perfect to use on sensitive little skin.  I found the products to have a wonderful calming effect, and really soothe  J’s skin after a flare up of nappy rash. The calming aromas are wonderful when used after bath time and helped calm J down ready for a good night’s sleep. J especially enjoyed playing with the soap, and even managed to rub some on himself [before using it to bomb his toy duck!]  I naughtily sneaked some of the lotion into work with me, and have used it on my sore chapped hands, after a few days my skin had recovered well and were soothed, and the lavender scent helped me recover after a particularly stressful day.

The products are well priced and are elegantly packaged – resulting in a big thumbs up from me
Slummy Mummy Seal of approval = GRANTED

I think a selection of the mother and baby products would make a wonderful gift for new mums too.

Thank you Mary Jean for allowing us to road test your lovely range and for helping creating a calming atmosphere

Sunday, 11 May 2014

2 year checks - dispelling the myths!

When I had the letter come through regarding J's 2 year check with the HV I was worried, I heard so many rumours about them that I worried myself silly... One friend had said "you have no choice over the appointment time!" Ah & here was mine at a really bad time....dare I try & change it! I called the HV's & they happily changed it for me. Hooray!
I then looked through the x2 questionnaire that you are asked to try & do, they questions ask about your child's social skills -eg how they interact with others? Are they over friendly with strangers? 
Everything seemed straight forward, I answered the questions honestly & consulted with hubby it to make sure he agreed.
The second questionnaire looked more at the child's motor skills, asking about walking, kicking a ball, holding cutlery etc. It asks for you to complete simple activities with your child, many of these I already had done with J and the others he'd recently done at nursery. So again nothing to worry about. 
There were also some questions about the child's sleeping, eating & toilet habits. 
On the day of the appointment the HV went through the questions with us & asked if we had any concerns. She weighed J & attempted to take his height measurement. She was really happy with his progress & complemented us on his manners. She also gave us some advice on his eczema. 
There was critiscm at all, we we're put at ease. I was also encouraged  to contact them in the future if I did have concerns. 
So if you have your child's 2 year check coming up, don't worry or panic the HV's are there to help!