Friday, 21 March 2014

Pipsy Koala – product reviews

When I stumbled across Pipsy Koala [through a link on Facebook] I was instantly in awe of the wide range of fresh products available. I was lucky enough to be asked to review a few products from their range, and jumped at the chance!

Unisex Changing Bag – now when I hear the see the term Unisex I usually scoff, I’ve never really found a product that truly is Unisex… until now. The changing bag has been clearly thought out and is ideal for both mums and dads to use; we’ve been using it now for a few weeks and have got on really well with it. The chunky zips make it easy to use, & the sturdy wide base is great and allows the bag to stand up on its own [no more toppling bag with contents spilling out in all directions!] The bag has multiple pockets which are excellent – lots of room to store things, with obvious places where certain things should be. The wipe clean surface also makes life so much easier when you have a mucky monster on your hands that enjoys trying to splatter everyone with his dinner. The neutral design is great, both hubby and I can use it, and no more comments from hubby about having to carry around a ‘women’s bag’. It also comes with a changing mat, and messy bag – everything has been thought of and covered. The bag fits over the handles of the buggy too. The best bit of all is the price for £24.99 you get an all-round great changing bag which will adapt as your child grows older.

Automatic Nightlight – I’ve seen various nightlights around but never really been convinced by any of them, I wanted one to use on my landing so when Junior gets out of bed there will be some light to guide him and help avoid accidents. When the night light from Pipsy Kola arrived, I admit doing what my husband usually does and taking it out the packaging and not reading the instructions, I plugged it in expecting it to come on straight away, and was a tad disappointed that it didn’t, I left it plugged in and went on with my day, only later on in the day when it got darker did the Nightlight come into its own, and I noticed it glowing [at this point I rescued the packaging and realised it’s an automatic one that comes on when it goes dark!] As soon as I turned on the hall light it went off, and likewise when the lights went off it came on. Perfect for our family, simply plug it in and go. It produces a lovely soft glow, which is bright enough to guide you, but not too bright so as to illuminate the whole house. The ‘dome’ of the nightlight is brilliant, it doesn’t get hot so I don’t have to keep Junior J away, and should he fall into it he won’t get hurt. It uses and LED which gives the light a longer life span and makes it economical to run. Its soft glow is perfect, and has not only illuminated the way for Junior J, but also saved me a few stubbed toes during the night. Again the best bit is the price just £8.99, I’ve seen so many nightlights on the market that are not half as good, yet priced twice as much!


Bath Animals – out of all the items we were sent to review these were my favourite, they contain 10 animals of an Australian theme, featuring a koala, emu, crocodile, wombat and kangaroo. Junior J loved them, he explored them all and enjoyed learning the new animals, and he liked wetting them and sticking them to the tiles and matching the pairs up. They come in a mesh tidy bag which sticks to the tiles with suckers, great for storage and drainage. At the end of bath time Junior J like putting all his animals to bed in the bag. It’s really refreshing seeing children’s toys feature different animals, making them not only fun but education too. Unsurprisingly these too and well-priced at just £5.99

I have nothing but praise for Pipsy Koala; the products are well thought out, well made and well-priced. Thank you for giving me opportunity to review the products and providing hubby with no excuses as why he can’t carry the bag!

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