Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Naty Nappies - product review

We all like to be Eco friendly, but with nappies I thought that unless you use re-useable nappies there was little I could do, how wrong was I - introducing Naty by Nature Babycare nappies, a range of nappies that are made with natural and renewable materials, that have GM free corn based film, are naturally breathable being both chlorine and fragrance free. When I first heard of them I admit I had my concerns-  how absorbent would they be? Would Baby J be comfortable in them? Given how Eco friendly they are how soft would they be?

I was sent a few packs to try and waited for a weekend at home to try them out.... Just in case they didn't perform well! I was pleasantly surprised, although they lack some of the softness that the leading brands are known for, they are still kind to the skin, and perform just as well as them too. They contained everything Baby J threw at them and lasted well. I'm really impressed! So being Eco friendly that must mean they cost the earth right? Wrong they are the same price as the leading brands and I've noticed that like the brand nappies if you keep an eye out in supermarkets they are included in offers too. One of the other mummies tried them too and unfortunately her Baby who has super sensitive skin didn't agree with them, so I'd suggest borrowing a few from a friend to see how you go before committing and buying a full pack. There are a few brands of nappies I buy when I do my shop, I usually look out for the ones on offer and stock up, I will be adding Naty nappies to my trusted list and will buy them again.

Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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