Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Funky Giraffe bibs - product review

Bibs for a long time have become a necessity in our household, with Junior J's teeth taking an age to come through dealing with the dribbles is a way of life. As you'll know from reading other articles we've been lucky enough to road test several different bibs, and each has their merits.... so when we were asked to road test some of Funky Giraffes bandana bibs I wondered how these would differ ?

When I opened the parcel it was easy to see... funky by name and funky by nature! The bright colourful bibs featured eye catching designs, making them stand out a mile. From cars and planes to stars and skulls, each one is colourful, & fun. Junior J enjoyed picking out one to wear to nursery, he opted for the plane one

The bright bib stood out a mile, and looked great with his outfit ...but would it last the day? Its all very well looking great, but would it catch the drool? When I went to pick up Junior J later in the day I was pleased to see he was still wearing his plane bib, and that it had done a fab job in keeping him dry - big thumbs up!! The bibs are made from 100% cotton with a soft fleece backing, which makes the bibs soft to the touch and kind to the skin. They have double poppers so can be adjusted to fit. The bibs also withstood my slummy mummy clothes washing technique too [bung everything in and hope for the best!] and came out in shape, and still bright and colourful.

Having spent time on the Funky Giraffe website I was bowled over by the wide range of bibs available there is something for all tastes, and to match all outfits, they are reasonably priced with a discount for the more you buy. They have also extended their range and do clothing, socks too. All bright and colourful with their funky designs! So if you want to brighten up your baby's wardrobe and add some zest into it head straight to Funky Giraffe! Big thumbs up from us!

Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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