Sunday, 29 December 2013

Rhythm & Rhyme classes cancelled at the Children's Centre in Witney

I was really gutted to hear that my favourite session at the children's centre "rhythm & rhyme" would be cancelled in 2014. When Baby J was little Mummy N encouraged me to come along to the regular sessions on a Monday & throughout my maternity leave I attended every week, & even now when I'm on holiday I've been taking Baby J along. When I was part of the parent advisory group at the centre I fed back comments to the staff asking for the sessions to be swapped to suit little ones better, the staff gladly obliged & everyone was happy. 
The sessions consist of a member of staff leading parents & little ones through a series of well known nursery rhymes encouraging parents to interact with their children through movement & song. From my previous posts you'll read it took me a while to adjust to the sessions, but I did & Baby J got a lot from the sessions. As did I, myself & the other Slummy Mummies had great fun, singing like an out of tune choir, & having a work out with the movements! Mummy Quiggles & I used to attempt to our fly each other during the spaceman song. The sessions gave me confidence & I have carried on the singing with Baby J, the songs have come in handy as a distraction, nothing works better in calming Baby J  mid tantrum than singing a song with him! I also noticed the benefits it gave others whose first language isn't English & how it helped them learn the rhymes to sing to their children. For others it has become part of their getting out routine, supporting them to meet other parents & have support from the staff in a safe environment for the children.
The sessions have always been busy & during the summer I would have to arrive early in order to get in.
So with all this in mind, I was totally shocked to hear the sessions were going, I checked with the other Slummy Mummies who assured me the sessions were still really busy & they too were upset by the closure. One of our mummies have wrote to the children's centre asking if there is anything that could be done to save it, she even volunteered to help run the sessions.
If it was a funding issue I'm sure parents would be happy to pay a small fee to cover costs. The session is so valued that to cancel it seems madness. It saddens me to think other new parents would no longer benefit from the great sessions. 

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