Sunday, 10 November 2013

Family Photo Shoot - a moment captured

I love snaps of our family,  & I'm a self confessed photo fiend displaying photos everywhere! When I saw a groupon offer of a family photo shoot with prints for under £20 I jumped at the chance & after convincing hubby we booked in with Scott's Photography for a session with Baby J, I was interested in seeing how they'd keep him still or smile for a photo....

The photographer was professional & experienced in capturing beautiful shots, she coaxed Baby J to perform & moulded our family to pose for natural shots. Before hand she had asked what we wanted and we'd said natural fun family photos & that is clearly what she delivered. 

A week later we returned to view the photos, before I went in I was determined I would only walk away with the prints that were part of the groupon voucher.... When I saw the stunning shots my heart melted & my credit card came out. The photographer had captured some wonderful shots, all natural and all amazing. I wanted them all! In the end we settled on a family shot, then an individual one of Baby J, one of Baby J & Daddy & one of Baby J & me. 
After picking our pics we were told they would be ready in 6 weeks, unfortunately they did take a tad longer, but seeing the photos again made the wait worthwhile! I would definitely recommend Scott's Photography to anyone! 
Now I'm not one for sharing personal pics but I couldn't help but want to share this photo of Baby J & me
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  1. This company does not think about it's customers my problem is with SCOTT’S PHOTOGRAPHY Witney, having my photo shoot in May 2014, I still having not received any photos after they were promised in July 2014 then there was a problem with supply of the frames, then a problem with delivery then apparently the were collected and due to be posted in August 2014 after literally dozens of phone calls and emails and calling Sams personnel mobile none of which have been answered. I am now resorting to reviews maybe this will get me an answer of where my Photos are?

  2. Scott's Photography have done the same to me. We paid for a USB stick of our photos in July 2014, we were told it would be ready in two weeks and we are still waiting. My calls do not get returned and my emails are not being answered. In September I asked my colleague to call Scott's to pretend to be a new customer looking for a photo shoot, funnily enough they returned her call that day!!!! This is so frustrating.

  3. Scott's Photography have done the same to me, photos taken 3rd August, viewed the following week and then NOTHING! I've lost track of the number of unanswered phone calls and emails I have sent to Scott's Photography and still no photos. I reported them to Groupon, I even went to their shop but it was closed. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! Can't believe they took such lovely photos of my family and we will never get them.

  4. We have been waiting for months for our photos which we paid £200 for. They told us that sadly the owners baby had passed away so we did not want to chase. Can anyone confirm if they are still trading?

    1. It looks like they have gone bust but given the timings it seems that the rather sad story of a baby passing away was just thrown out as a cover to buy time. There are people reviewing Scotts that had their photo shoots in March and never received them but Scotts were still taking bookings, shoots and money over half a year later, knowing they would probably be folding.

    2. Does anyone know the company's legal name/ registration number? I would like to see if I can still secure our photos, perhaps via a liquidator? If anyone lives near to the premises, is there any information posted on the door?- I live 1 hours drive away and so it's not easy to check. I am owed nothing but would be prepared to buy our (presumably unedited) images. I feel violated that Scotts Photography have these images and that we have no control over their destiny. For the people who have already paid it must be really upsetting.

  5. Scotts photography are trying to be dissolved as a company, if they are dissolved creditors cannot recover monies owed. If you have been in contact with Trading Standards or made a County Court Claim to try to recover the debt you can object to a company being struck off. Use these details Company Number: 07707115
    Company Name: PCF PHOTOGRAPHIC LTD, scan a copy of your correspondence towards debt recovery and send it to this email address . This is the only way to try to get your money back!