Sunday, 17 November 2013

Driblet Bibs - Product review

Baby J as most people know is a bit of a dribble monster, as he's got older I've noticed he goes through phases of dribbling, and rather than just a little dribble when he dribbles now its like a river of it, so when I was approached by Driblet Bibs to roadtest their bibs I gladly accepted.

As an expert on dribble bibs I enjoy discovering new ones that differ from others on the market, and Driblets offer just that. They have 3 layers [poplin cotton, middle layer of fleece and backed with cotton] The poplin cotton is excellent at soaking up the dribble, and dries quickly so can be worn for longer, the Driblet bibs also have a round neck, which fit better round little ones necks but don't rub their delicate skin. The bibs also aren't really long in length, so don't cover up your child's outfit. The offer a great range of different coloured bibs for boys and girls

I was sent 2 bright and colourful bibs that were easy to match to Baby J's outfits, as always he was happy to wear them, so off I packed him to nursery - as a precaution I'd packed a spare one in his bag expecting him to return home wearing the spare one. I was pleasantly surprised to pick him up still wearing the Driblet bib, which had done a fab job of absorbing the river of dribble that had been flowing that day. Great stuff!
 Jungle Friends Driblet Dribble Bib

But how would it stand being washed? As with most things I failed to reading the washing instructions and bunged it straight in the wash after with everything else,  it survived and came out looking fab, no colour change and no shrinkage [I of course would recommend following the usual washing instructions]

The bibs have since been used several times, and still look at great as they did the day I got them, not rolling up of the edges, not colour change and they still do a great job of absorbing the river of dribble.
Big thumbs up

Check out their site for their full range -
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED



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