Sunday, 10 November 2013

Carterton Swimming Pool - you'll love it!

I'm always on the look out for a swimming pool local to me that will fit my needs. Over the summer I spent lots of time travelling over to Temple Cowley pool as the lessons for little ones are great, but on a practical point of view it wasn't so great, the route is a traffic jam hot spot, parking tricky & the changing rooms are in dire need of an upgrade ( or knocking the whole thing down as the council seemed to of planned !)
Anyhow I decided to try Carterton Pool as I'd had some positive feedback from friends....
Why o why had I not come here sooner? It's great, to start with easy to find with lots of free parking, as it's on the outskirts of Carterton I've not encountered any traffic jams either. The price is low with an adult swim session under £5. 

The changing rooms - it's village style with cubicles, all kept very clean & tidy. There are several family changing rooms, that are roomy with changing facilities  nappy bins, & fold down chairs with straps! I did clock separate changing rooms too but haven't used them yet. The showers are at different heights so ideal for little ones too.

The pool- they offer 2 pools the big pool & learner pool. I always take Baby J in the big pool first & the descending steps are ideal as they have a small area at the bottom where I can stand with him without getting in anyone's way. But the real gem is the learner pool, it's clean, warm, safe for children & the right depth for Baby J to stand up in & bob around in his float suit. He loves it, he walks around splashing away, it does get deeper at one end, so Baby J has learnt to kick more. & tread water with mummy's support. I still reinforce the importance of returning to the side, & we still enjoy singing & splashing with encouragement from me to use his legs & arms. The pool depth for me allows me to kneel as I'm tall, this is ok, seeing Baby J loving it makes it worth it. Baby J had become more confident & with the help of his float suit he's more independent too.
The pool offers poolside seating which is great for Granny to sit on & enjoy Baby J splashing around (one day we'll coax her in!)
Any bad points? Baby J has found the floor a tad slippy (Fancy that a wet floor slippy!) I think it'd be great if they had the plastic square drain mats in the main area as it can get very water logged, but with some common sense & care this isn't a problem.  When I first visited I found the straps broken on the chafing units, I mentioned this to the manager & they have since been mended. 

I also understand they offer a crèche service too, which would be ideal to use for some mummy me time. 

Since discovering the leisure centre I've been several times, Baby J loves it, I love it & only a ten minute drive away means we are all WINNING!

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