Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dave the Diver - book review

Having grown up in a seaside town I understand the dangers of the sea, learning about sea safety was something that my school did, but not all schools offer this luxury, so what better way to teach children sea safety than by following Diver Daves adventures?! 

When I was asked to review the book, I wasn't sure what to expect, trying to get the balance right between story & message can by hard but Clive Wormald has managed to do it perfectly! When my  nephews visited I took the opportunity to road test the book with children of different ages & they loved it. The comic book style is appealing to children, & my little road testers enjoyed following the story which educated then about playing safely on the beach and in the sea. My nephew H was fascinated by Dave & asked lots if questions about him, nephew D who's that little bit older liked being tested by the quiz in the back, whilst Baby J liked the bright pictures, and over time will understand it more.

The book definitely gets the thumbs up from us, & I look forward to seeing more adventures in the future. A percentage of each sale goes to the RNLI - such a great cause. To fine out more go to

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