Saturday, 19 October 2013

Baby's winter snuffles - how to help

With the cold nights drawing in come the new influx of bugs & lergy. As a mother I find it distressing seeing Baby J ill with a cold & try to help as much as possible my top 3 tips would be -
1. Snuffle balm - this magic pot of soothing gel is a baby version of  vix, I spread it on Baby J's chest & the sole of his feet. I'm not sure how or why it works but it does.
2. Raising his head at night, I used a wedge & now a basic baby pillow.
3. Medicine - I'm always reluctant to give him medicine but when he's stuffed up ,  & not himself I offer his ibrubrofean. When I took him to the doctors once with cold symptoms the doctor said "he's feeling pretty rubbish, if you felt this way you'd want something to help." 

Hope these help 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dave the Diver - book review

Having grown up in a seaside town I understand the dangers of the sea, learning about sea safety was something that my school did, but not all schools offer this luxury, so what better way to teach children sea safety than by following Diver Daves adventures?! 

When I was asked to review the book, I wasn't sure what to expect, trying to get the balance right between story & message can by hard but Clive Wormald has managed to do it perfectly! When my  nephews visited I took the opportunity to road test the book with children of different ages & they loved it. The comic book style is appealing to children, & my little road testers enjoyed following the story which educated then about playing safely on the beach and in the sea. My nephew H was fascinated by Dave & asked lots if questions about him, nephew D who's that little bit older liked being tested by the quiz in the back, whilst Baby J liked the bright pictures, and over time will understand it more.

The book definitely gets the thumbs up from us, & I look forward to seeing more adventures in the future. A percentage of each sale goes to the RNLI - such a great cause. To fine out more go to

Monday, 14 October 2013

The working mummy's woes

For a long time I always put my career first in life, jumping on training courses, completing more qualifications & clawing my way up the career ladder. Being higher on the ladder wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped, more stress, longer hours, & being the bad guy making tough decisions which others didn't like. When I got made redundant in 2010 it hit me hard, I had ploughed so much into my career, given everything to the company I cared for only to be handed my P45. It made me reevaluate things, what were my priorities? What mattered? Like a Phoenix from the flames I rose again, I was a changed person my family life came first. Having recently got married at the time we tried for a baby & was blessed, our lovely son Baby J joined us in March 2012. 

Before he arrived I didn't realise what an impact one little person could have, Baby J became and still is the centre of my world , I love being a mummy, yes it's tough, but it's all the sleepless nights, constant running around is worth it to see Baby J develop & grow. My plan had always been to return to work, financially that was the only option; but after spending 6 wonderful months with Baby J on my maternity leave I found it so very hard leaving him, & now a year on of him going to nursery it's still very hard. I know he's well cared for at nursery & is in a stimulating environment where is learning every day, I'm lucky that he has been allocated amazing key workers, who keep me updated on his progress, the manager of the nursery is uber professional with a big soft caring side, but given all of that each day as I walk him out to the car I feel sad, I want to be going with him on his learning adventures, I want to be watching him enjoying glop play, & discovering new things. Instead the internal timer starts & I count down to home time. My current job isn't as high on the career ladder, I'm kept busy with a never ending list of things to do, & on the whole I enjoy it.

 It's a tough call when Baby J has a snuffle or a cough, he's not yet able to tell me how he feels, & guilt sets in when we send him off to nursery, should we of kept him at home? Will he be ok? & he has been, but as a mummy you want to protect you child & keep them safe & look after them. At work on a daily basis I find myself taking a mini break & scrolling through my phone looking at the latest video taking of Baby J, my desk is surrounded by photos of him, & one look at his cute face & any stress eases away. I also check the clock, only a few hours to go...

I cringe when I read articles criticising women for going back to work, for some of us there isn't an option & I would given the chance I'd give it all up to be a stay at home mummy. Who wouldn't? Being a mummy is the best job in the world! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Baby Safety - companies need to take this seriously!

I recently discovered a lovely swimming pool near by which has a learner pool that is shallow enough for Baby J to be independent & bob up and down on his home, the parking is good, the pool area light & airy..... Then I discover that the straps on the changing units are broken & knotted. The duty manager wasn't bothered at all. It really concerns me how the health & safety if children isn't taken seriously at all. What will it take for those in charge to realise how important it is

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thomas Day at Didcot Railway Centre a magical day

About a year ago we discovered a tv series that Baby J loved - Thomas The Tank Engine, & now a year on it still has the same captivating effect on him  & his face lights up when he hears the theme tune & he excitedly points to the tv when it's on. So when my sister in law B mentioned a cousins outing to see Thomas at Didcot railway centre when we in like a flash.

The day was great, from endless rides on Thomas to seeing the Fat Controller. & the other engines it was amazing. Baby J & Cousin S had loads of fun! There was lots for children to do & the day was well planned with a schedule of shows. & activities. All the staff at the centre got into the spirit of things & were dressed as characters. With do much to do it made for a great family day.

I'd recommend taking a picnic as there is a lovely picnic area where you can watch the trains going by, & if you are looking for gifts I'd suggest going in the gift shop first as by 2pm the queue was long out the door. 
The site is buggy accessible after a shirt flight of stairs, with small buggy parks dotted around so you can park up & enjoy things. I'd also suggest not dressing your children in their best clothes, as with trains come grease & oil! 

We loved the day, seeing Baby J. & Cousin S faces in totally awe seeing Thomas was priceless!