Friday, 13 September 2013

The Little Play Box - product review

On a dreary glum rainy day my friendly Postman delivered a little ray of sunshine in the form of The Little Play Box..... perfect timing! When Baby J and I opened our dinosaur themed box, we were greeted with a vast array of dinosaur shaped things and activities for us to do, as some of them were for children older than Baby J, & as my nephews  D&H were in town I gave my brother a buzz & soon I had a house full!

The Little Play Box had lots of things to do in it including -
  • Dinosaur fossil - where you use modelling clay and dinosaur figures to create fossils - H loved this, and used other object to make more fossils.
  • Dinosaur Sticker Scene - where the boys decorated there own dinosaur scene with stickers - I loved this... no mess & loads of stickers to go round so everyone could get involved, Baby J even managed to stick some down.
  • Stencils - D had a go at this and made some fab prints, and even got creative making cards
  • Dinosaur Sponges - Baby J loved this as he's now got the hang of sploging the sponges down on the paper to make a mess.... I mean print.
  • Dinosaur to paint -Where you have a small 3D dinosaur to paint. Baby J & I did this together and managed to create a wonderful yellow and pink dinosaur that now lives in his room.
The Little Play Box was full of fun, and was perfect for the boys to enjoy on the rainy day. It'd be ideal for holidays as everything you could possibly need is included. The instructions that come with it are clear and inspiring.We had a fun filled creative day of dinosaur roars!
I love the concept of The Little Play Box, with its fun selection of fun activities. There are a few different themes to choose from with a variety to appeal to anyone. I also think they'd make a great gift. Baby J was a little young to make the most of all the items,  so it'd be great if there was a choice of age ranges on the boxes.
So if you are looking for a gift  for the child that has everything, or looking for ideas to keep them entertained during the holidays buy a box! Check our their full range via their facebook page, search for The Little Play Box
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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