Sunday, 1 September 2013

Help for teething toddlers - Brush-baby chewable toothbrush & teether product review

During Baby J's most recent bout of teething I took to twitter and ask for suggestions on what I could give him to help, one of the suggestions was a brush-baby 'chewable toothbrush & teether'. I'm always happy to try anything to help, and the lovely people at brush-baby kindly offered to send me one....a few days later......

The chewable toothbrush and teether arrived, the best way to describe it, is that it looks like a gum shield with nodules and a handle, I wasn't too sure how it'd help with teething, so cleaned it and left in on one side ready to be used.... the next teething episode soon appeared and after various teethers were rejected I offered Baby J the toothbrush...expecting it to be handed back or thrown away... but no Baby J liked the soft jelly like texture and happily chewed away on....the handle but if it helped I was happy! Since then the toothbrush teether has been used regularly, Baby J has worked out the gum shield bit fits in his mouth and he can gnaw away on it, & on particularly bad days I've put it in the fridge to help soothe his sore gums further. The chewable tooth brush is easy to clean and for £4.99 is a great investment. I'd recommend using it as a first toothbrush too, as its softer on little teeth and gums. I showed the toothbrush to my nursery expert and he commented that it was a great design ideal for little hands to master holding! The Brush-baby website is full of great information and recommendations from professionals  They also have a fab range of other dental products for children of all ages.
Thank you brush-baby! With the slow rate that Baby J's teeth are coming through, the toothbrush will be used regularly in our house for a long time to come!
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  1. Hi Slummy Mummy

    I have just read your article above and thought you would be interested in the free app I have developed called Brush DJ.

    The main feature of the app is a timer, which plays 2 minutes of music taken at random from the user’s device. This makes the mundane task of brushing for the correct length of time more fun and therefore more likely to happen. The app also contains the evidence-based oral health advice given in the Department of Health document ‘Delivering Better Oral Health’. Reminders can be set to prompt twice a day brushing, when to change toothbrushes, visit the dentist and hygienist.

    This short video gives an overview of all the apps features

    Brush DJ has recently become the first oral health app to have been approved by the NHS in England .

    The second in a series of videos showing how to carry out basic oral health tasks has recently been uploaded to YouTube .
    The next version of the app will have a link to this video and 5 others showing how to carry out basic oral hygiene tasks effectively. The video along with lots more information can be found on the website and on the Brush DJ Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Brush DJ has already been downloaded in 160 countries and received mainly 5 star reviews in the app stores. Just before Christmas the app received the Dental Hygiene & Therapy award for 'Best Dental Innovation’.

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    Dentist/App Developer

  2. My son is already past that "exciting" age and unfortunately I hadn't found anything on Superiorpapers rating so.. he had chewed sofa:(