Sunday, 18 August 2013

Jousting at Blenheim - fun for all the family

On one of the Slummy Mummies usual outings to Blenheim we discovered that there was jousting on, Mummy G & Mummy Li were most excited ... me well I was running in the opposite direction, however as I was out voted and reminded that the children would love it so I reluctantly gave it a go....
We found the area via the disabled garden gate [ask at reception for the code] and unpacked our blankets and settled down to watch the fun... to start with we were given a spectacular falconry display were the big birds flew over our heads, bigger children were given the chance to take part in the arena and loved it. The Slummy babies knew something was happening and pointed with enthusiasm to the birds flying over our heads. The best bit was still to come....
The jousting, hosted by King Henry the 8th, we were given an amazing show where we cheered with gusto for our teams [in our case the blues] their was fighting, joking, cheeky chaps and a wonderful display of horse riding. The children soon got into the spirit and were cheering with us, and learning to 'boo' the bad guys too.

I loved it, and that comes from someone who hates any kind of audience participation, seeing Baby J's face light up where the horses came in and clapping when our team got a win was memory making. I would definitely recommend going when it's next on, take a blanket, and a picnic and make the most of it.

Blenheim planned it really well, and had a selection of tents and vans with food, drinks and gifts available. I'm really pleased I was outvoted on the day and we had such a fun time, I even dragged hubby back the next day too.

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