Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fab Park Alert! Milton-under-Wychwood has the most spectacular park locally.

During a Sunday drive a few weeks ago, where we just head of in a vague direction and meander through the countryside, I happened to spot out the corner of my eye a play park which looks toddler friendly, hubby by then had already passed it, but we discovered there was a car park  at the other end of the green where the park was... HOORAY!
From a distance as we walked across the green the park looked good, there were a few swings, a tunnel etc, but the closer we got to it the more we saw.... their was a fence off area just for little ones, with swings, tunnel, see-saws, round-a-bouts, adventure climbing things, slide, the list goes on. Baby J had a great time, running from swings, to the play train, then on to the slide and see-saws. Both hubby and I had fun too, all of the equipment was in good condition, and their was grass to cushion any falls. I felt that Baby J was really safe as the whole section was fence in, so there was no chance of him running off and getting too far.  There was so much to do the only problem was deciding what to do first.

Next to the toddler play park was a section of park for bigger children, so there wasn't the worry or the awkward stand off of bigger children / teenagers misusing or hogging the equipment..... and even better next to that was a fence in courtyard for ball games!  All of this sits at the bottom of a green, which would be an ideal spot for a picnic and a kick around with a ball.
So how do you find it? Well on the side of the green is a co-operative supermarket whose postcode I'm hoping - OX7 6JH so please try entering that into your sat nav's, this should take you to the side of the green, the park is at one end, the parking at the other, with on street parking down the side.
I hope if you can find it you enjoy it as much as we did!

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