Thursday, 1 August 2013

Babycup - Product review

If you open my kitchen cupboard door [the one above my chopping board] you are likely to be greeted by a waterfall of baby drinking bottles, I seemed to of collected loads of them in all different shapes, sizes, with different teats, some with handles, some with pop up straw things, some with teat that has to be bitten the same time as being sucked for anything to come out, you name the bottle brand and it's likely we've tried it.... and the ones in the cupboard are the ones  that Baby J hasn't got on with. So when the lovely people from Babycup asked if I wanted to roadtest their baby cups, my initial reaction was "Bet I've tried something similar before...." but after a nose on their site I was pleasantly surprised to see I hadn't. The Babycup  is a range of open drinking cups which allow children to sip and not suck their drink.

As Baby J is an inquisitive little man he's always keen to share with mummy, and often reaches out to drink from my glass or mug, I never let him hold them alone as it would be a recipe for disaster, but I do try to support him to take a few sips. So when the cups arrived I was excited to wash them and give Baby J the chance to hold his own open drink. The cups are small and come in translucent colours, making it easy for mummy and baby to see how much liquid is inside. Baby J's first reaction was to stick his hand in the water and swirl it around....he then held it up to his lips for a sip....and poured it down himself! But given the small amount of liquid in the cups, this didn't drown him or soak him enough to need a change of clothes! After a few more attempts he soon got the hang of it, and will now grip the cup confidently to drink out of without wetting his t shirt or the floor!
I'm really impressed with how Baby J has taken to them, and even more impressed to read up on the benefits of using an open cup rather than a sippy one, on the babycup website [see link below] there are lots of positive comments  from experts. Using an open cup does come with the obvious downsides - such as they can be easily knocked over [but given the small amount of liquid inside shouldn't be a flooding issue] aren't as easy to use when your out and about [I've combatted this by taking a small bottle of water out with me and pouring it into the cup] But all of the bad points for me are counteracted by the fact Baby J is happy to drink from his own cup now, rather than reaching for mine.
The cups come in a variety of colours, and are sold as packs for 4. They are great value for money, and the top tip from my Hubby is, when Baby J no longer needs them we can use them as shot glasses, and with their handy measurement guide on the side, I've used one to help me measure liquids in one of my rare Delia moments. So the cups have multiple family uses & mine certainly won't be added to the kitchen cupboard above my chopping board! To check out the cups for yourself and to read the experts testimony go to
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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