Sunday, 18 August 2013

Aston Pottery - A fab find!

With the weather constantly changing I've been on the look out for all weather places where I take Baby J. Aston Pottery popped up on our twitter feed on Friday, and with a follower recommending them I thought I'd give them a go, I checked that they are  children friendly and grabbed their postcode and set off.
When I arrived I was really taken back, I was expecting a little place with a tiny cafe, what I got was a huge place, with a large cafe and stunning grounds. Their was ample room in the car park, and entrance was well sign posted. Baby J [in his buggy] and I wound our way through the beautiful gardens to the shop, and after a quick nose round found the cafe. It was a cake lovers heaven! There was so many to choose from, I wish I'd asked a fellow slummy to come with me so I could of sampled a few of the cakes.... the cafe is well spaced with lots of room for buggies, there are also quite a few high chairs. Baby J & I really enjoyed our drinks and cake whilst over looking the beautiful gardens. After we checked out the changing facilities which were nice and clean we then went back round the vast shop. Baby J has discovered he can reach out of his buggy and grab things so I was a tad concerned he'd cause mayhem, but he was really good, and enjoyed passing all of the colourful pretty things. In the children's corner I let him choose a mini soft tiger for me to buy for him to play with.
On the way back to the car  the sun made an appearance so we walked through their gardens, Baby J loved looking at the plants and butterflies, I enjoyed the calming atmosphere.
Aston Pottery scores a big thumbs up from me, parking, cake, gardens all add up well. It'd be great if they add some play equipment for children to play on too. The entrance & parking are free, there is a great range of  gifts to suit everyone too.
For more information check out their site -
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - granted

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