Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spilly Spoon, a must for all parents - Product Review

About 6 months ago I followed a link on Twitter and discovered the Spilly Spoon, which is a non spill medicine spoon, with  a fun caterpillar theme - I thought it looked like a great invention, and thought it  would surely be an essential item should I need to give Baby J some meds. It arrived, I washed it and put it in the draw ready for if I should need it at any point....

Fast forward a few months.....Baby J  has been a bit hit and miss when it comes to giving him medicine, sometimes he'll take it no problems, other times he'll clamp his mouth shut and will not take it. The past few weeks he's been suffering with tonsillitis and added to that he's teething as well, having been prescribed antibiotics [orange goo] from the doctor it has been essential for us to give him medicine...  After yet another round of the orange goo going on the sofa / carpet / me / Baby J [not in his mouth though] I was at my wits end, feeling disappointed and worried I retreated to the kitchen, and as I opened the draw to grab a teaspoon to make me a calming brew, a noticed the friendly caterpillar that is the Spilly Spoon staring up at me.... would it work? would Baby J actually take some of his meds? With nothing to loose [bar some more orange goo] I loaded him up and approached Baby J, his nosey nature made him want to find out what Mummy had, I let him to check it out before trying to get him to take the meds, he was happy to open his mouth and I was able to give him some well needed orange goo.... most of it went in, some got spat out, but this alone was progress! HOORAY!

Over the past few weeks the Spilly Spoon has been used daily, sometimes Baby J will take it straight away, other times I've had to tempt him with a bit of flapjack on the end [when he opens his mouth up for it, I've been able to pour the meds in] The Spilly Spoon is great, you can load it up, carry it upright to where you need to go [and for someone as clumsy as me, this is a lifesaver!]lay it down, pick up your child and then give it, the spoon end is curved which is easier to pour into the mouth, with the 'tube' body of the spoon, if it gets swiped or knocked the medicine isn't going to spill everywhere. The tube is big enough to take 10ml dosage, so will hopefully last a while, and once you get used to what section of the body relates to each dose eg 2.5 / 5ml etc it becomes easier to pour in the meds and away you go, perfect for the late night / early morning wake ups then none of us enjoy dealing with! Please do not wait for your child to get ill before buying one, buy one now, store it safely and it'll be ready on hand when you need it, in fact buy 2 one for home and one for out and about, you'll be so pleased that you did -
The spoon has been a lifesaver, and the clever lady who designed it deserves a medal -THANK YOU!
No suprise I'm sure.... Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED



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