Monday, 22 July 2013

Keeping babies cool at night...

With the heat wave not showing much chance of stopping any time soon, I'm sure I won't be alone in saying that trying to keep babies cool at night can be a struggle & a real stress. Our house is really well insulated which is great in the summer but in the summer it's like a greenhouse! Below are my top 5 key things I do at night to keep baby J cool -
1. Put him to sleep in just his nappy
2. Drape damp muslin cloths on the side of his cot & in his room (some nights when I've checked on him he's pulled them off & is cuddling them.)
3. Have a fan on low in his room, not only  does this help to circulate the air but it acts as a white noise to block out sounds from outside which may disturb Baby J with our windows open. 
4. Put a hot water bottle filled with cold water in his cot.
5. Have plenty of drinks on hand. 

Try to to panic & stress out, keep calm. 

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