Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Pottery Place Witney - the stuff memories are made from.

When Baby J was just a few days old, a wonderful friend of mine gave us a voucher for Pottery Place in Witney.... yes that's right, its the place with the multi coloured giraffe outside! Up until that point I'd never thought about getting a print done of Baby J's hands or feet, but as I had the voucher I went along and got a few tokenistic coaster done.... and I am so pleased I did, 14 months on I look at the coasters and find it hard to believe that my bubble-mad-stomp-around-the-house Baby ever had hands and feet that small. I pondered if his feet print would still fit on a coaster again.... so when an opportunity came up to review the Pottery Place I jumped at the chance.
I rang ahead to let them know when I'd be coming, with their renowned popularity I know how busy they can get, indeed when I turned up there was already one baby having prints done, with one in front of me and another following me close behind... in any other place I'd be tutting under my breath and backing out the studio thinking it'd take an age to get seen to, but not here. The super professional staff  or Pottery Elves as I like to think of them had time and space for everyone. Myself and Baby J were shown to the studio upstairs and were given the chance to choose what mug I wanted his prints done on, and what colours I'd like. After I had made my decision [incidentally I went for the 'man' mug and light minty green] my Pottery Elf reappeared ready to get the prints done.... this was the bit that worried me the most. When I'd had my coaster done when Baby J was a tiny one, the Pottery Elf at the time had only to worry about uncurling his fingers and getting them on the coaster [which she'd done with ease] this time round, Baby J was a lot bigger, with a mind of his own [he was also a tad hyper after a fun filled day of nursery] How on earth was the Pottery Elf going to get him to put his hands flat on the mug? The answer... with ease!
This Pottery Elf knew all the tricks of mischievous little people, and with a one teddy bear, two teddy bear his hands were on the mug and off, and behind was left 2 adorable hand prints... HOORAY! We also managed to get his footprint on to a coaster as well. When the prints were done, the Pottery Elf  went through all the options of finishing touches - borders / patterns / wording all the little things I hadn't thought of, her excellent colour recommendations helped me add little details to these lovely keepsakes.... and was Baby J happy to sit and listen to Mummy ponder about dots and words? No.... but the basket of toys in the studio kept him happily entertained....they really have thought of everything!
A week later I returned to collect my keepsakes and was blown away, they looked fab and I know will become treasured items for years to come. I love his little hands on the mug and his foot on the coaster, and now a few weeks on I'm convinced his feet have grown more.... Baby J found it funny when Mummy tried to line his foot up on the coaster.... the things us mummies do eh?
The studio is well situated right in the centre of Witney, just a few doors down from the church which the children's centre uses to run sessions. There is some on-street parking outside, with the main car parks all only a few minutes away. The studio itself is small but well appointed, with space downstairs and up in the studio there is room for everyone and several buggies. The prices are affordable and with a wide range of items to decorate, you will find something for all occasions and budgets. When I was there I saw a cute young man decorating a pottery award cup for his daddy for fathers day...what I fab idea. You can also get plaster prints, silver jewellery done too, to name just a few things. So if your stuck for a gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, Christmas, fathers day, mothers day etc etc pop down to the Pottery Place and let the Pottery Elves work their magic. I will definitely be going back, and may even give one of their courses a try too, and when Baby J is bigger I can let the Pottery Elves run a pottery party for him and his buddies.
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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