Friday, 21 June 2013

Neckerchew - Product review

What do you get when you mix a dribble bib with a teether... a Neckerchew! Lucky for me I was recently sent one to roadtest. A Neckerchew is a super absorbant dribble bit with an attached teether on the end tip.
 Yet again Baby J is in the middle of teething, his top teeth next to his main front ones are now making a very slow drawn out appearance, so I have the  big dribble monster back in the house. He's also been knawing on things which have seemed to help him considerably. So the day after our lovely preppy striped [navy and white] Neckerchew arrived, off Baby J was sent to Nursery proudly wearing his Neckerchew. His keyworkers were given a brief demo of what is was and away he went. I returned at the end of the day to find him still wearing the same bib [this alone was an acheievement as he'd been going through 2 a day] reversed.... hooray for reversible bibs. Baby J's keyworker had said she'd offered him the teething part of the bib when he'd got grizzly and he'd gladly accepted it, and chewed on it. By the end of the day he'd got the idea of what to do and was finding the teething bit himself and chewing on it....big thumbs up
I love the fact that the Neckerchew is a combination of 2 essentials items that all teething babies need, a dribble bib + a teether. By the teether being attached to the bib, its easy to find, and doesn't get covered in germs and stuff when it gets dropped on the floor. Its also easy to clean, I imagined it'd be a hand wash only thing given that it had the attached teether, but no its a simple bung in the washing machine kinda bib instead.
Baby J had definately got the hang of the bib now, and on super teething days I make sure I put it on him as I know that he'll get some comfort from chewing it. The only downside I found with the bib, is when it got super wet, and the teether got used a lot, it became a little baggy and hung looser round Baby J's neck.  With the Neckerchews being priced from £9.99 its the kind of item that you may not be able to buy one for each day of the week, but it would be worth the investment for super bad days, and to put on your baby when he or she is teething and you're going out and about, saving having to take an additional teether which may get mislaid. I also really like the classy range of designs available, there is one to match everyones taste and are easy to match up to outfits. Take a look for youself at
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED
I also really loved the cute poem that came with the bib, it really
made me smile, such a lovely touch!! -
Dear Baby,
“Here’s a chewy dribble bib
made with love for you
to help catch all your dribble
when your toothy pegs break through
A must have in your wardrobe
cool and stylish either way…
and the special squidgy endy bit
helps soothe the pain away!”
Our babies love it, hope you do too
Julie and Amy xx

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