Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nappy Purse by Ruby & Ginger - product review

Being a working mummy on occasions I need to stash some of Baby J's things in my work bag, especially if we have to head some place straight from nursery, the odd things like snacks and water bottle are not a problem, but trying to stash nappies and wipes hygienically can cause a nightmare. When I discovered Ruby & Ginger nappy purses I did a happy dance as my problem was solved.

Ruby & Ginger have designed these nifty little nappy purses, that are perfect when your just nipping out, travelling light or need an added conversion to make the 'mummy bag' into a 'baby bag' too. The purses comes in 3 lovely designs,which I'm sure would appeal to anyone, I opted for the pink berries one which also comes with a matching changing mat, and refillable wipe case. Each nappy purse  can hold 3 nappies, as well as the changing mat, and baby wipe case, it also has a handy internal pocket which is perfect for nappy bags, keys, phone etc.


My nappy purse slotted easily into my work bag and saved me having to drag along my  big changing bag on simple outings. The purse is well made, with a large Velcro fastener ensuring everything stays in place, but also making it easy to access supplies when needed. The fabric of the nappy purse is lovely and soft [but sturdy] when I read it was water and dirt resistant I raised an eyebrow in disbelief, and immediately stomped out to the kitchen to sprinkle some water on it, I expected it to soak through and was amazed when it ran off, so much so that I stood there for several minutes sprinkling water on it [small things please this slummy mind] It has a handy loop on the side, which can be looped over your wrist en route to the baby changer [making it hands free], or dropped over the handle of your buggy. Its so lovely it seems a shame to keep it stashed in my work bag. When Baby J no longer needs nappies it will most definitely get used as a clutch bag or makeup bag. Baby J also seemed fascinated by the pattern on the fabric and was tracing his fingers round the berries, I've no idea why, but anything that keeps him amused for a few minutes gets my thumbs up!The purses are priced reasonably at £20 and would make the perfect new mummy gift, or going back to work gift etc.
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

Having nosed on the Ruby & Ginger website I wasn't surprised to see that these nappy purses have a celebrity fan club with the likes of Zoe Ball, Dannii Minogue and Tess Daley all loving them. I'm sure once others see that the Slummy Mummies have given their seal of approval that more will join the fan club too. Check them out for yourselves at http://www.rubyandginger.co.uk/full-range


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  1. Honest are top notch. I've tried the other expensive brands and a few of the house brands and I keep going back (on my 3rd baby now). They fit great, they don't leak and they don't have obnoxious prints on them! Amazon can have some really great deals on them too! Watch for them and stock up!