Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mia Tui Sofia Bag - The Perfect Mummy Bag - product review

When my beautiful Mia Tui Sofia bag arrived my darling husband asked curiously "It is a new baby changing bag?" I replied "No" ...."oh" he said "is it a new handbag?" "No" I replied..."oh" he said..."so its a new work bag?"..."No" I replied... "Its my mummy bag!" and that is the perfect way to describe it.
The Mia Tui Sofia bag is perfect for any mummy that is looking for a bag to perform multiple tasks. Monday to Friday 9-5 it acts as my work bag, from 5-8pm Mon-Fri and all day Saturday and Sunday its my hand bag transforming into my changing bag. Technically I no longer need another bags [but shhhh let's not say that too loud..... I don't want my husband clearing out my stash of bags] Unlike other bags the Mia Tui bag has been well thought out, with every little detail covered and included. Its clearly designed by a practical busy mum, for like minded, similarly busy mummies, and for this super hectic slummy mummy it suits me down to a T.
The bag is made from soft faux leather, which is waterproof inside and out. In the unique interior which is bright pink, is  everything you could possibly need. It has multiple pockets [for multiple uses!] including a phone pocket, water bottle holder [or baby bottle holder]  and pen holder - no more rummaging through the bottom of the bag trying to find a pen to fill in my baby book. It has a clever elasticated key clip which has saved me time and frustration hunting for my bunch of keys which always seem to disappear into the black hole of my former bags, and a handy external zipped pocket . It comes with a clear internal bag with hand strap, perfect for toiletries both Baby J's or mine, a matching clutch bag with hand strap -ideal for your purse and mobile or your personal bits,  a hands free shoulder strap - essential when you have a wriggly little one in your arms, and the whole bag comes in the most mummy friendly wrapping of all - a reusable pink shopping bag. So all in all, you are getting 4 bags for the price of 1.
 But does it work for a busy mummy? Ooooh yes! I have managed to fit everything I could ever need into the bag, and unlike other bags I am actually able to find everything too! The clutch bag inside is great, when I need to nip to the shops I nab it out and away I go. The main compartment is roomy with space in work time for my lunch box and diary, and space after work for my nappy purse. The straps sit comfortably on my shoulders without slipping down or becoming uncomfortable. Considering the amount of 'stuff' I carry in the bag, its surprisingly light, and its sturdy crafts mans ship doesn't leave me worrying that the straps won't be able to cope with the weight. My very favourite bit? The little star on the external zip, its the perfect finishing touch for this show-stopping star of a bag. Its an uber functional bag, that is also super stylish. Now by this point you may be worrying that such a perfect bag would be over-priced making it out of reach .... I am pleased to set you set you straight and re-assure you that the bags are very much affordable, and considering you won't need to fork out for any other bag, in the long run will in fact save you maybe my hubby can clear out my stash of bags after all! Mia Tui sometimes run money off deals too, so keep you eyes and ears open.
There is a Mia Tui Bag for everyone, no matter your lifestyles I can guarantee that one of their lush bags would suit you! They range in style, size and colour only problem is deciding which one I want to get next... have a look on their website and see for yourself the lovely array of bags!
Slummy Mummy seal of approval = GRANTED

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