Friday, 7 June 2013

I spy with my little eye – product review

During our Bump to Baby fair I took a little break [shhhhhhh don’t tell the others ]and whilst the other slummies worked hard I had a good old nose round the stands, and good thing I did too I discovered a fab little gem in the form of Ladybird Lane Crafts. This lovely lady creates wonderful  toys, clothes, and play things for babies and little ones, and the sparkly item that caught my magpie eyes was an i-spy game.  This wasn’t your usual i-spy …….it was a rectangle sack with a window that was filled with small beads that hid a multitude of items, the list of the items is attached , they then squidge and squeeze the beads out of the way looking for the treats which vary from a peg, to a feather, band, etc. The back of the i-spy is covered in a choice of bright fabrics. 
Baby J loved it, and we sat for ages moving the beads around trying to find things, at his age he doesn’t really understand the concept of the game but enjoyed moving the beads around and seeing what he could find. I can imagine when he’s older that this will come in handy on car journeys and will hopefully keep him occupied for ages…. As it did me! I showed it round the other Slummies who all really liked it [none of them queried when I’d had chance to find it…. I got away with it!] and they thought it was a great toy that was really well priced. I showed it to my nursery expert who really liked it and thought it was well made and great for young children, I also happen to show it to the first aid lady who had a stall, and she was impressed with the double stitching.  Big thumbs up  all round. I also spied on her stall a fab pointy [but not sharp] knitted jingling baby toy which looked amazing, but had sadly been sold, its professional quality mixed with hand made loveliness was really appealing and I can only imagine that the new owners little ones would love it. I could go on all day about the range of goodies available, but I won’t instead look on her site!/LadybirdLaneCrafts?fref=ts  and discover your own gems
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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