Sunday, 16 June 2013

Food shopping for new parents

I have never been a fab of trawling round supermarkets doing a big shop and when Baby J arrived I became even less of a fan, with baby brain you could always guarantee I'd forget something, or Baby J would get upset half way round. I'd also struggle getting him in the car, and the shopping. So for big shops I opted to do them online. Asda, Tesco, Ocando, Sainsburys all deliver in my area. You can  book a shopping slot a up week in advance and can pick a time slot that suits you. You can also edit your shopping basket usual up to the night before delivery too; so if like me you forget something when you originally do the shop you can add to the basket when you do remember.

Yes you pay delivery, but the more in advance you do it the cheaper it is. For me its £3.00 well spent, no hassle of parking, no hassle of trying to locate items, no hassle of packing it and loading it in the car, then juggling baby and unpacking shopping [I get it delivered now when he's in bed] and as a working mummy it doesn't take precious time away spending with my baby.
How about fresh items? On the whole I'd have had no problems, and when an issue has occurred a simple call to the store soon puts it in order. When I was on maternity leave I did all my big hefty shops online, and just nipped into my mini shop near  by ad-hoc for fresh things that could fit in my basket on the buggy - a great excuse to get out with Baby J, I also discovered using the local butcher was so much cheaper than supermarkets,  you can specify quantities too, Witney has a few great butchers, I used the one that I could get the buggy in with ease. Alas now I'm back working I don't get too much chance to get to the butcher, but on the rare day off I try and pop down and stock up. If Witney had a fishmonger I'd use that too.
Top Tips for Online Shopping...
  • Plan ahead, booking your slot further in advance is likely to be cheaper
  • Never rely on the shops for the baby essentials [ie nappies or milk] if you have completely run out - as it bad luck would have it that it'd be that item that's missing from your shop.
  • Always buy a double of your essentials to save the worry of it not turning up on your shop, then each shop just top of what you've used.
  • Many of the supermarkets now do a compare the price offer after you've shopped, it takes a few minutes to log on and do it. With Asda if they are not 10% cheaper than any where else they will refund the difference. Most shops I get a voucher from them, which more than covers the price of the shop.
  • Download the app for the supermarkets - this will make it even easier, I've been known to do a foodshop whilst Baby J snoozes on me.
  • Christmas shopping slots fill up quickly, so bag your slot early, add a few things to your cart, check out then edit your basket in the run up to your delivery date.
Occasionaly I hear people commenting that its 'lazy' to do food shopping online, there is nothing lazy about it, it saves time, stress, money [no more buying things that you don't need as they seem a good buy] in fact its the smart way to shop. Often those who comment on it being lazy have never done it before, so offer to educate them and get them hooked too!


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