Friday, 7 June 2013

Food bib crisis overcome

Every meal time since Baby J started weaning we put on a bib round his neck to catch the crumbs, drips and bits of food that got spat out, all was working well until Baby J discovered he could take of said bib and throw it across the room…..we then retrieved it and put it back on, only for the great game of throw the bib to continue! We tried the stern route “no bib no dinner” and the soft route “c’mon you know you want to wear your bib” neither worked.  There was no way he could go without a bib as he’s a messy eater, so we tried a new tactic and invested in some over the head bibs, which surprisingly were not as expensive as I had thought, we used these solid for a week, as much as Baby J tugged he wasn’t able to take it off, and as a result gave up. As he generally needs a new bib every meal time we gradually reintroduced the other bibs and thankfully he hasn’t noticed.
Top Bib cleaning tip – if the bib is particularly soiled in food, rub some washing up liquid directly into it, then rinse with hot water. If needed bung it through the usual wash too. I’ve found this has helped removed the most stubborn of baby food, even the nightmare bib stainer banana comes off with this trick.
I would also advise not buying super expensive pretty bibs, because at the end of the day, they will get covered in food, so it’s a waste of money. It’s much better to invest in a dribble bib that has more lasting power. My favourite 99p stocks over the head bibs that wash well. I have invested in a couple of sleeved bibs, an all plastic one that gets used when we paint, and a cotton one that gets used at special meals to protect any fancy outfit.

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