Friday, 7 June 2013

Doodle Boo Baby Gifts – Bobbie Bear –Product review

Every now and then I come across a baby gift website and kick myself for not discovering it soon, Doodle Boo Baby Gifts is most defiantly one of those sites! With such a wide variety of gifts available from clothes, comforters, toys, skincare to name but a few items, you can easily spend ages browsing at all the lovely gits. There is something there for everyone and you are sure to be able to find something that you like. I was recently given one of their toys ‘Bobbie Bear’ to review.
When I was handed the bag with Bobbie Bear I knew I, or rather Baby J was in for a treat,  it was presented in a gorgeous box within luxurious bag, a small card told me that Alison had packed my item, these simple touches added so much more to the gift experience, and built up our excitement, when we opened the box and revealed Bobbie Bear Baby J was in awe. Bobbie Bear is a lovable character with a soft ‘love me’ look, Baby J after closely inspecting him, scooped him up for a cuddle. We then discovered he could talk if you pressed his ear, he has a few phrases- “Hi I’m Bobbie” “ooo what’s that?” and a lovely mellow song about Bobbie bear being friendly and able to be taken everywhere [super catchy, I’ve found myself humming it in work] Baby J loves the phrases and we always answer Bobbie when he asks ‘what’s that?’  usually pointing to Baby J’s face  “That’s Baby J’s nose/ ears etc!”.  Bobbie has an American accent, which confused Daddy some what as he thought he was saying “Hi I’m Barbie” Silly Daddy! The mellow song is lovely and Baby J has now got the hang of it and sways too and fro to it …. So cute to watch. Bobbie has also worked as a great distraction technique when Baby J had a meltdown, as soon as the mellow tune came on the crocodile tears stopped, the swaying started and normal service resumed J Bobbie Bear & friends would make an ideal gift for any little one – we love him. Check out the other great gifts at
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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