Friday, 21 June 2013

Colour matching babies I getting a bit on the obsessive side?

On a normal day in nursery Baby J will wear, vest, t shirt, tracksuit bottoms, socks, dribble bib and a coat depending on the weather. I learnt very early on that it was pointless sending him into nursery in anything I didn't want spoilt, as for me a sign of a good day at nursery is Baby J coming home covered in paint / sand / glitter/ mud / food  or any other random glop he can get his hands on, so I always dress him in stuff that washes well, and if it get wrecked doesn't matter! But, having said that I still take pride in what he looks like and try to make him look like I didn't dress him with my eyes closed. He has a range of dark coloured tracksuit bottoms [lighter coloured ones, show the stains much more easily!] and I have now got a tad obsessive is trying to make socks and dribble bibs match his t shirt, the orange t shirt today looked fab with his cute tiger striped socks and dark grey bib! Am I losing the plot? or are there others out there who do the same as me? Lucky for me hubby knows me well, and knows its easier all round to help me  find a matching bib that matches that to not help at all.