Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bibs and Bobs - Product review

When the lovely people over at Bibs and Bobs asked me to do a review of some of their products I gladly accepted, as a follower of theirs on twitter for some time I had been wowed by the images of their products that had been featured and was excited to roadtest them myself!
When my package arrived, I eagerly ripped it open....inside was a lovely draw string toy bag which featured a funky pirate ship and Baby J's name, it was really stunning! As usual Baby J also examined the bag and loved the bright colours. Inside the bag was a dribble bib, which was a car print [Uncle D will be impressed] with a fleece backing, & like the bag it was bright and colourful.
The drawstring bag can have multiple uses, nursery bag, clothes bag, book bag, swimming bag, or as we have opted for toy bag, as Granny likes to lavish lots of toys on Baby J our house often looks like an explosion in a toy shop with toys littered everywhere! I carefully selected some of Baby J's toys to store in the bag, ones that we usually take out with us to entertain Baby J when we  visit people. Baby J watched curiously as I stored them away, and after I had finished enjoyed pulling them all out! But after a quick play I encouraged him to put them away in the bag, and he had even more fun putting them back in the bag. The bag is made of strong fabric, and is sturdy enough to hold toys, books etc. Bibs and Bobs do a wide range of designs with ones to suit every baby/ child / parents taste, the only issue will be deciding which ones to choose.

Our bib got road tested at nursery. The bright pattern with multiple colours made it easy to match it up to the t-shirt of the day [yes I do try to make Baby J's clothes match on occasion!] it fitted snugly round his neck, and with the fleece backing kept Baby J nice and dry after a particularly dribbly day. The pattern is ideal for dribble monsters like Baby J, as it isn't obvious when the bib becomes wet. Its really well made and has since survived multiple washes and wears...HOORAY!!
I'm really impressed with the products from Bibs and Bobs, they are well made and well priced, they would make perfect gifts for birthdays and christenings. Big Thumbs up. Check them out for yourselves at!/bibsandbobsmum
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

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