Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Pottery Place Witney - the stuff memories are made from.

When Baby J was just a few days old, a wonderful friend of mine gave us a voucher for Pottery Place in Witney.... yes that's right, its the place with the multi coloured giraffe outside! Up until that point I'd never thought about getting a print done of Baby J's hands or feet, but as I had the voucher I went along and got a few tokenistic coaster done.... and I am so pleased I did, 14 months on I look at the coasters and find it hard to believe that my bubble-mad-stomp-around-the-house Baby ever had hands and feet that small. I pondered if his feet print would still fit on a coaster again.... so when an opportunity came up to review the Pottery Place I jumped at the chance.
I rang ahead to let them know when I'd be coming, with their renowned popularity I know how busy they can get, indeed when I turned up there was already one baby having prints done, with one in front of me and another following me close behind... in any other place I'd be tutting under my breath and backing out the studio thinking it'd take an age to get seen to, but not here. The super professional staff  or Pottery Elves as I like to think of them had time and space for everyone. Myself and Baby J were shown to the studio upstairs and were given the chance to choose what mug I wanted his prints done on, and what colours I'd like. After I had made my decision [incidentally I went for the 'man' mug and light minty green] my Pottery Elf reappeared ready to get the prints done.... this was the bit that worried me the most. When I'd had my coaster done when Baby J was a tiny one, the Pottery Elf at the time had only to worry about uncurling his fingers and getting them on the coaster [which she'd done with ease] this time round, Baby J was a lot bigger, with a mind of his own [he was also a tad hyper after a fun filled day of nursery] How on earth was the Pottery Elf going to get him to put his hands flat on the mug? The answer... with ease!
This Pottery Elf knew all the tricks of mischievous little people, and with a one teddy bear, two teddy bear his hands were on the mug and off, and behind was left 2 adorable hand prints... HOORAY! We also managed to get his footprint on to a coaster as well. When the prints were done, the Pottery Elf  went through all the options of finishing touches - borders / patterns / wording all the little things I hadn't thought of, her excellent colour recommendations helped me add little details to these lovely keepsakes.... and was Baby J happy to sit and listen to Mummy ponder about dots and words? No.... but the basket of toys in the studio kept him happily entertained....they really have thought of everything!
A week later I returned to collect my keepsakes and was blown away, they looked fab and I know will become treasured items for years to come. I love his little hands on the mug and his foot on the coaster, and now a few weeks on I'm convinced his feet have grown more.... Baby J found it funny when Mummy tried to line his foot up on the coaster.... the things us mummies do eh?
The studio is well situated right in the centre of Witney, just a few doors down from the church which the children's centre uses to run sessions. There is some on-street parking outside, with the main car parks all only a few minutes away. The studio itself is small but well appointed, with space downstairs and up in the studio there is room for everyone and several buggies. The prices are affordable and with a wide range of items to decorate, you will find something for all occasions and budgets. When I was there I saw a cute young man decorating a pottery award cup for his daddy for fathers day...what I fab idea. You can also get plaster prints, silver jewellery done too, to name just a few things. So if your stuck for a gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, Christmas, fathers day, mothers day etc etc pop down to the Pottery Place and let the Pottery Elves work their magic. I will definitely be going back, and may even give one of their courses a try too, and when Baby J is bigger I can let the Pottery Elves run a pottery party for him and his buddies.
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

Mia Tui Sofia Bag - The Perfect Mummy Bag - product review

When my beautiful Mia Tui Sofia bag arrived my darling husband asked curiously "It is a new baby changing bag?" I replied "No" ...."oh" he said "is it a new handbag?" "No" I replied..."oh" he said..."so its a new work bag?"..."No" I replied... "Its my mummy bag!" and that is the perfect way to describe it.
The Mia Tui Sofia bag is perfect for any mummy that is looking for a bag to perform multiple tasks. Monday to Friday 9-5 it acts as my work bag, from 5-8pm Mon-Fri and all day Saturday and Sunday its my hand bag transforming into my changing bag. Technically I no longer need another bags [but shhhh let's not say that too loud..... I don't want my husband clearing out my stash of bags] Unlike other bags the Mia Tui bag has been well thought out, with every little detail covered and included. Its clearly designed by a practical busy mum, for like minded, similarly busy mummies, and for this super hectic slummy mummy it suits me down to a T.
The bag is made from soft faux leather, which is waterproof inside and out. In the unique interior which is bright pink, is  everything you could possibly need. It has multiple pockets [for multiple uses!] including a phone pocket, water bottle holder [or baby bottle holder]  and pen holder - no more rummaging through the bottom of the bag trying to find a pen to fill in my baby book. It has a clever elasticated key clip which has saved me time and frustration hunting for my bunch of keys which always seem to disappear into the black hole of my former bags, and a handy external zipped pocket . It comes with a clear internal bag with hand strap, perfect for toiletries both Baby J's or mine, a matching clutch bag with hand strap -ideal for your purse and mobile or your personal bits,  a hands free shoulder strap - essential when you have a wriggly little one in your arms, and the whole bag comes in the most mummy friendly wrapping of all - a reusable pink shopping bag. So all in all, you are getting 4 bags for the price of 1.
 But does it work for a busy mummy? Ooooh yes! I have managed to fit everything I could ever need into the bag, and unlike other bags I am actually able to find everything too! The clutch bag inside is great, when I need to nip to the shops I nab it out and away I go. The main compartment is roomy with space in work time for my lunch box and diary, and space after work for my nappy purse. The straps sit comfortably on my shoulders without slipping down or becoming uncomfortable. Considering the amount of 'stuff' I carry in the bag, its surprisingly light, and its sturdy crafts mans ship doesn't leave me worrying that the straps won't be able to cope with the weight. My very favourite bit? The little star on the external zip, its the perfect finishing touch for this show-stopping star of a bag. Its an uber functional bag, that is also super stylish. Now by this point you may be worrying that such a perfect bag would be over-priced making it out of reach .... I am pleased to set you set you straight and re-assure you that the bags are very much affordable, and considering you won't need to fork out for any other bag, in the long run will in fact save you maybe my hubby can clear out my stash of bags after all! Mia Tui sometimes run money off deals too, so keep you eyes and ears open.
There is a Mia Tui Bag for everyone, no matter your lifestyles I can guarantee that one of their lush bags would suit you! They range in style, size and colour only problem is deciding which one I want to get next... have a look on their website and see for yourself the lovely array of bags!
Slummy Mummy seal of approval = GRANTED

Friday, 21 June 2013

Colour matching babies I getting a bit on the obsessive side?

On a normal day in nursery Baby J will wear, vest, t shirt, tracksuit bottoms, socks, dribble bib and a coat depending on the weather. I learnt very early on that it was pointless sending him into nursery in anything I didn't want spoilt, as for me a sign of a good day at nursery is Baby J coming home covered in paint / sand / glitter/ mud / food  or any other random glop he can get his hands on, so I always dress him in stuff that washes well, and if it get wrecked doesn't matter! But, having said that I still take pride in what he looks like and try to make him look like I didn't dress him with my eyes closed. He has a range of dark coloured tracksuit bottoms [lighter coloured ones, show the stains much more easily!] and I have now got a tad obsessive is trying to make socks and dribble bibs match his t shirt, the orange t shirt today looked fab with his cute tiger striped socks and dark grey bib! Am I losing the plot? or are there others out there who do the same as me? Lucky for me hubby knows me well, and knows its easier all round to help me  find a matching bib that matches that to not help at all.

Neckerchew - Product review

What do you get when you mix a dribble bib with a teether... a Neckerchew! Lucky for me I was recently sent one to roadtest. A Neckerchew is a super absorbant dribble bit with an attached teether on the end tip.
 Yet again Baby J is in the middle of teething, his top teeth next to his main front ones are now making a very slow drawn out appearance, so I have the  big dribble monster back in the house. He's also been knawing on things which have seemed to help him considerably. So the day after our lovely preppy striped [navy and white] Neckerchew arrived, off Baby J was sent to Nursery proudly wearing his Neckerchew. His keyworkers were given a brief demo of what is was and away he went. I returned at the end of the day to find him still wearing the same bib [this alone was an acheievement as he'd been going through 2 a day] reversed.... hooray for reversible bibs. Baby J's keyworker had said she'd offered him the teething part of the bib when he'd got grizzly and he'd gladly accepted it, and chewed on it. By the end of the day he'd got the idea of what to do and was finding the teething bit himself and chewing on it....big thumbs up
I love the fact that the Neckerchew is a combination of 2 essentials items that all teething babies need, a dribble bib + a teether. By the teether being attached to the bib, its easy to find, and doesn't get covered in germs and stuff when it gets dropped on the floor. Its also easy to clean, I imagined it'd be a hand wash only thing given that it had the attached teether, but no its a simple bung in the washing machine kinda bib instead.
Baby J had definately got the hang of the bib now, and on super teething days I make sure I put it on him as I know that he'll get some comfort from chewing it. The only downside I found with the bib, is when it got super wet, and the teether got used a lot, it became a little baggy and hung looser round Baby J's neck.  With the Neckerchews being priced from £9.99 its the kind of item that you may not be able to buy one for each day of the week, but it would be worth the investment for super bad days, and to put on your baby when he or she is teething and you're going out and about, saving having to take an additional teether which may get mislaid. I also really like the classy range of designs available, there is one to match everyones taste and are easy to match up to outfits. Take a look for youself at
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED
I also really loved the cute poem that came with the bib, it really
made me smile, such a lovely touch!! -
Dear Baby,
“Here’s a chewy dribble bib
made with love for you
to help catch all your dribble
when your toothy pegs break through
A must have in your wardrobe
cool and stylish either way…
and the special squidgy endy bit
helps soothe the pain away!”
Our babies love it, hope you do too
Julie and Amy xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nappy Purse by Ruby & Ginger - product review

Being a working mummy on occasions I need to stash some of Baby J's things in my work bag, especially if we have to head some place straight from nursery, the odd things like snacks and water bottle are not a problem, but trying to stash nappies and wipes hygienically can cause a nightmare. When I discovered Ruby & Ginger nappy purses I did a happy dance as my problem was solved.

Ruby & Ginger have designed these nifty little nappy purses, that are perfect when your just nipping out, travelling light or need an added conversion to make the 'mummy bag' into a 'baby bag' too. The purses comes in 3 lovely designs,which I'm sure would appeal to anyone, I opted for the pink berries one which also comes with a matching changing mat, and refillable wipe case. Each nappy purse  can hold 3 nappies, as well as the changing mat, and baby wipe case, it also has a handy internal pocket which is perfect for nappy bags, keys, phone etc.


My nappy purse slotted easily into my work bag and saved me having to drag along my  big changing bag on simple outings. The purse is well made, with a large Velcro fastener ensuring everything stays in place, but also making it easy to access supplies when needed. The fabric of the nappy purse is lovely and soft [but sturdy] when I read it was water and dirt resistant I raised an eyebrow in disbelief, and immediately stomped out to the kitchen to sprinkle some water on it, I expected it to soak through and was amazed when it ran off, so much so that I stood there for several minutes sprinkling water on it [small things please this slummy mind] It has a handy loop on the side, which can be looped over your wrist en route to the baby changer [making it hands free], or dropped over the handle of your buggy. Its so lovely it seems a shame to keep it stashed in my work bag. When Baby J no longer needs nappies it will most definitely get used as a clutch bag or makeup bag. Baby J also seemed fascinated by the pattern on the fabric and was tracing his fingers round the berries, I've no idea why, but anything that keeps him amused for a few minutes gets my thumbs up!The purses are priced reasonably at £20 and would make the perfect new mummy gift, or going back to work gift etc.
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

Having nosed on the Ruby & Ginger website I wasn't surprised to see that these nappy purses have a celebrity fan club with the likes of Zoe Ball, Dannii Minogue and Tess Daley all loving them. I'm sure once others see that the Slummy Mummies have given their seal of approval that more will join the fan club too. Check them out for yourselves at


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Plum's Little Foodies - the tastiess food range available for little ones - product review

As a busy working mummy I worry and stress about preparing meals for Baby J of an evening. Depending on what hubby and I are having, sometimes I need to find an alternative for Baby J's dinner, and if I've been held up at work I need it quickly. I have never had an issue with giving Baby J prepared food, so I keep a stash on hand incase they are needed.
Plum baby food's recently asked via Facebook if anyone would like to sample their new Little Foodies range, I e-mailed in and was lucky enough to be sent a sample of their new range to test.
Here's what they say:
"Our Little Foodies meals are full of exciting flavours, from savoury ragu to tangy tagine, and are carefully crafted to encourage little ones to love their food. They come in convenient, easy-to-serve dishes to encourage tots aged 1-3 years to feed themselves, and the chunky texture (including chewy bits like whole raisins and peas) will help them develop the jaw and tongue muscles they need for good language development."
 I was sent - 
  •  Caribbean Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice
  • Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat
  • Neapolitan Tomato & Beef Ragu with Ditalini Pasta .
  • Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice 
    Over the period of 3 weeks an occasion arose when I needed to use a prepared meal, so I give each one of the 4 meals ago.... They were a big hit with Baby J, each one he loved and finished the lot, usually with steamed meals he'll manage three quarters of them. Each organic meals was packed with flavour, and introduced Baby J to a wide range of new and exciting flavours. It was a dream feeding him them, and in between mouthfuls he gave the 'mmmm' noise which indicates he's enjoying it. Big Thumbs Up! I also sampled each one, and was surprised with the flavours, they tasted really good.... and don't worry mummy only had one spoonful... honestly Baby J finished them all himself. The looks appetising and judging by the empty bowl Baby J agreed too!
    So will I be buying them again? Yes, I think as a back up meal in the cupboard they are perfect, my only concern is the price at around £2.25 each they are a little pricey compared to others around, but given that I know Baby J loves them and will wolf them down, they're worth it.
    Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval: GIVEN

Food shopping for new parents

I have never been a fab of trawling round supermarkets doing a big shop and when Baby J arrived I became even less of a fan, with baby brain you could always guarantee I'd forget something, or Baby J would get upset half way round. I'd also struggle getting him in the car, and the shopping. So for big shops I opted to do them online. Asda, Tesco, Ocando, Sainsburys all deliver in my area. You can  book a shopping slot a up week in advance and can pick a time slot that suits you. You can also edit your shopping basket usual up to the night before delivery too; so if like me you forget something when you originally do the shop you can add to the basket when you do remember.

Yes you pay delivery, but the more in advance you do it the cheaper it is. For me its £3.00 well spent, no hassle of parking, no hassle of trying to locate items, no hassle of packing it and loading it in the car, then juggling baby and unpacking shopping [I get it delivered now when he's in bed] and as a working mummy it doesn't take precious time away spending with my baby.
How about fresh items? On the whole I'd have had no problems, and when an issue has occurred a simple call to the store soon puts it in order. When I was on maternity leave I did all my big hefty shops online, and just nipped into my mini shop near  by ad-hoc for fresh things that could fit in my basket on the buggy - a great excuse to get out with Baby J, I also discovered using the local butcher was so much cheaper than supermarkets,  you can specify quantities too, Witney has a few great butchers, I used the one that I could get the buggy in with ease. Alas now I'm back working I don't get too much chance to get to the butcher, but on the rare day off I try and pop down and stock up. If Witney had a fishmonger I'd use that too.
Top Tips for Online Shopping...
  • Plan ahead, booking your slot further in advance is likely to be cheaper
  • Never rely on the shops for the baby essentials [ie nappies or milk] if you have completely run out - as it bad luck would have it that it'd be that item that's missing from your shop.
  • Always buy a double of your essentials to save the worry of it not turning up on your shop, then each shop just top of what you've used.
  • Many of the supermarkets now do a compare the price offer after you've shopped, it takes a few minutes to log on and do it. With Asda if they are not 10% cheaper than any where else they will refund the difference. Most shops I get a voucher from them, which more than covers the price of the shop.
  • Download the app for the supermarkets - this will make it even easier, I've been known to do a foodshop whilst Baby J snoozes on me.
  • Christmas shopping slots fill up quickly, so bag your slot early, add a few things to your cart, check out then edit your basket in the run up to your delivery date.
Occasionaly I hear people commenting that its 'lazy' to do food shopping online, there is nothing lazy about it, it saves time, stress, money [no more buying things that you don't need as they seem a good buy] in fact its the smart way to shop. Often those who comment on it being lazy have never done it before, so offer to educate them and get them hooked too!


Friday, 7 June 2013

Dancing Baby

A few weeks ago I was rummaging through Baby J’s toys looking to wean out the ones he doesn’t play with anymore that could be move into storage, I came across his musical drum which wasn’t working, just as I was about to throw it out, Hubby suggested trying new batteries in it, which of course worked, Baby J immediately came over and claimed the drum and demonstrated to us all how it worked [ah yes the annoying toy was working again, now I remember] later on that evening  Baby J was playing with the drum, and surprised us all by standing up and dancing to the music, it was such a lovely sight as he clambered to his feet and sway along to the music, waving his arms like a mad thing and nodding his head. When the music stopped he leaned down and smacked the drum to start it once more, and so continued his dancing. I love the innocence of children, where they can express themselves freely without fear of being judged or criticised. As an adult I avoid dancing at all costs in public, and save my moves for the dance floor at home.  With Baby J’s new love for grooving both Daddy and I join in and wave our arms around and swaying, he loves it when we join in and giggles loudly, and we all know there is no better sound than a child giggling…. Happy days

I spy with my little eye – product review

During our Bump to Baby fair I took a little break [shhhhhhh don’t tell the others ]and whilst the other slummies worked hard I had a good old nose round the stands, and good thing I did too I discovered a fab little gem in the form of Ladybird Lane Crafts. This lovely lady creates wonderful  toys, clothes, and play things for babies and little ones, and the sparkly item that caught my magpie eyes was an i-spy game.  This wasn’t your usual i-spy …….it was a rectangle sack with a window that was filled with small beads that hid a multitude of items, the list of the items is attached , they then squidge and squeeze the beads out of the way looking for the treats which vary from a peg, to a feather, band, etc. The back of the i-spy is covered in a choice of bright fabrics. 
Baby J loved it, and we sat for ages moving the beads around trying to find things, at his age he doesn’t really understand the concept of the game but enjoyed moving the beads around and seeing what he could find. I can imagine when he’s older that this will come in handy on car journeys and will hopefully keep him occupied for ages…. As it did me! I showed it round the other Slummies who all really liked it [none of them queried when I’d had chance to find it…. I got away with it!] and they thought it was a great toy that was really well priced. I showed it to my nursery expert who really liked it and thought it was well made and great for young children, I also happen to show it to the first aid lady who had a stall, and she was impressed with the double stitching.  Big thumbs up  all round. I also spied on her stall a fab pointy [but not sharp] knitted jingling baby toy which looked amazing, but had sadly been sold, its professional quality mixed with hand made loveliness was really appealing and I can only imagine that the new owners little ones would love it. I could go on all day about the range of goodies available, but I won’t instead look on her site!/LadybirdLaneCrafts?fref=ts  and discover your own gems
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

Food bib crisis overcome

Every meal time since Baby J started weaning we put on a bib round his neck to catch the crumbs, drips and bits of food that got spat out, all was working well until Baby J discovered he could take of said bib and throw it across the room…..we then retrieved it and put it back on, only for the great game of throw the bib to continue! We tried the stern route “no bib no dinner” and the soft route “c’mon you know you want to wear your bib” neither worked.  There was no way he could go without a bib as he’s a messy eater, so we tried a new tactic and invested in some over the head bibs, which surprisingly were not as expensive as I had thought, we used these solid for a week, as much as Baby J tugged he wasn’t able to take it off, and as a result gave up. As he generally needs a new bib every meal time we gradually reintroduced the other bibs and thankfully he hasn’t noticed.
Top Bib cleaning tip – if the bib is particularly soiled in food, rub some washing up liquid directly into it, then rinse with hot water. If needed bung it through the usual wash too. I’ve found this has helped removed the most stubborn of baby food, even the nightmare bib stainer banana comes off with this trick.
I would also advise not buying super expensive pretty bibs, because at the end of the day, they will get covered in food, so it’s a waste of money. It’s much better to invest in a dribble bib that has more lasting power. My favourite 99p stocks over the head bibs that wash well. I have invested in a couple of sleeved bibs, an all plastic one that gets used when we paint, and a cotton one that gets used at special meals to protect any fancy outfit.

Doodle Boo Baby Gifts – Bobbie Bear –Product review

Every now and then I come across a baby gift website and kick myself for not discovering it soon, Doodle Boo Baby Gifts is most defiantly one of those sites! With such a wide variety of gifts available from clothes, comforters, toys, skincare to name but a few items, you can easily spend ages browsing at all the lovely gits. There is something there for everyone and you are sure to be able to find something that you like. I was recently given one of their toys ‘Bobbie Bear’ to review.
When I was handed the bag with Bobbie Bear I knew I, or rather Baby J was in for a treat,  it was presented in a gorgeous box within luxurious bag, a small card told me that Alison had packed my item, these simple touches added so much more to the gift experience, and built up our excitement, when we opened the box and revealed Bobbie Bear Baby J was in awe. Bobbie Bear is a lovable character with a soft ‘love me’ look, Baby J after closely inspecting him, scooped him up for a cuddle. We then discovered he could talk if you pressed his ear, he has a few phrases- “Hi I’m Bobbie” “ooo what’s that?” and a lovely mellow song about Bobbie bear being friendly and able to be taken everywhere [super catchy, I’ve found myself humming it in work] Baby J loves the phrases and we always answer Bobbie when he asks ‘what’s that?’  usually pointing to Baby J’s face  “That’s Baby J’s nose/ ears etc!”.  Bobbie has an American accent, which confused Daddy some what as he thought he was saying “Hi I’m Barbie” Silly Daddy! The mellow song is lovely and Baby J has now got the hang of it and sways too and fro to it …. So cute to watch. Bobbie has also worked as a great distraction technique when Baby J had a meltdown, as soon as the mellow tune came on the crocodile tears stopped, the swaying started and normal service resumed J Bobbie Bear & friends would make an ideal gift for any little one – we love him. Check out the other great gifts at
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bibs and Bobs - Product review

When the lovely people over at Bibs and Bobs asked me to do a review of some of their products I gladly accepted, as a follower of theirs on twitter for some time I had been wowed by the images of their products that had been featured and was excited to roadtest them myself!
When my package arrived, I eagerly ripped it open....inside was a lovely draw string toy bag which featured a funky pirate ship and Baby J's name, it was really stunning! As usual Baby J also examined the bag and loved the bright colours. Inside the bag was a dribble bib, which was a car print [Uncle D will be impressed] with a fleece backing, & like the bag it was bright and colourful.
The drawstring bag can have multiple uses, nursery bag, clothes bag, book bag, swimming bag, or as we have opted for toy bag, as Granny likes to lavish lots of toys on Baby J our house often looks like an explosion in a toy shop with toys littered everywhere! I carefully selected some of Baby J's toys to store in the bag, ones that we usually take out with us to entertain Baby J when we  visit people. Baby J watched curiously as I stored them away, and after I had finished enjoyed pulling them all out! But after a quick play I encouraged him to put them away in the bag, and he had even more fun putting them back in the bag. The bag is made of strong fabric, and is sturdy enough to hold toys, books etc. Bibs and Bobs do a wide range of designs with ones to suit every baby/ child / parents taste, the only issue will be deciding which ones to choose.

Our bib got road tested at nursery. The bright pattern with multiple colours made it easy to match it up to the t-shirt of the day [yes I do try to make Baby J's clothes match on occasion!] it fitted snugly round his neck, and with the fleece backing kept Baby J nice and dry after a particularly dribbly day. The pattern is ideal for dribble monsters like Baby J, as it isn't obvious when the bib becomes wet. Its really well made and has since survived multiple washes and wears...HOORAY!!
I'm really impressed with the products from Bibs and Bobs, they are well made and well priced, they would make perfect gifts for birthdays and christenings. Big Thumbs up. Check them out for yourselves at!/bibsandbobsmum
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED

BundleBean 5 in 1 travel cover - product review

We all love items that have multiple uses, and the BundleBean is a wonderful example of a perfectly designed product with multiple uses which is perfect for any busy parent. So what does it do? Well the BundleBean is a cosy, snuggly waterproof cover that fits to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and forward facing baby carriers; it can also fold out flat to use as a mini picnic rug & play mat. It also rolls up super small, and can easily fit into the bottom of your buggy basket or bag.
The BundleBean's are available in a great choice of colours, I especially love my one which is red with white stars with a red fleece backing. When it arrived all bundled up I examined it - to the naked eye it looks like just a waterproof blanket, when you look closer you notice the extra details of elastic tabs to fasten to the buggy, and a zip function which makes the end more elasticated so it fits over the bottom of your buggy as a cosy toes [this amazed me for ages!] It also has a useful pocket for cold hands. Mine arrived on the hot bank holiday weekend, and I wondered when I'd have chance to test it, so I packed it into the bottom of the buggy.....then the weather changed, and the BundleBean made its debut. Its really easy to use, and helped keep Baby J not only warm but dry too it was easy to fit on my buggy and the elasticated end fitted round my buggy with the elastic tabs keeping it in place, it also got used as an additional picnic blanket perfect for lunch in the park, and afterwards was easy to roll up and store.
I really love the multiple uses of the BundleBean, its one of those items that will always come in handy! I'm really impressed with its designed and how the zips make the end elasticated. I showed it to our Nursery Expert and he also loved the concept and said it was a quality item! Please see for the full range.
Big thumbs up from the Slummy Mummies!
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bump To Baby Fair - what an amazing event!

After months of hardwork & planning our B2B Bump to Baby Fair finally took place on Saturday! I was up bright and early and donned my personalised  Slummy Mummy t-shirt.
With over 35 stalls, several demo's, a cafe and the raffle of all raffles the Slummies were kept very busy. The B2B was a huge success we saw lots of pregnant ladies, partners, new parents and grandparents, and families passing through. The stalls included the Slummy Mummies favourite's Blissful Bambino, Acosy Bumper, Smart Creative, Co-operative childcare, Witney Baby Ballet to name but a few. There was lots of advice on offer from our stall holders, and loads of amazing products on sale. The cafe was stocked with our yummy home made cakes, including Mummy N's amazing nutella cakes.....mmmmmmm m m. We were also given pizza by Domino's, and all kinds of serving things from McDonalds. Then there was our raffle, each stall holder had donated something, as well as several other companies, over 50 prizes, with a value totalling more than £1,000! Wow! Some of the prizes were really fab, even our local Chinese takeaway The Dragon's Pearl supported us with a prize of specially designed menu. Everyone was happy with their prizes! Witney TV even turned up to film us
The day was a great success, we smashed our target and so far have raised over £1051 all for the Childrens Air Ambulance
I had a wonderful day and was kept super busy as were the other Slummies, but we did find time to group together for a couple of pictures- I love this picture of nearly all the Slummy Mummies together!
I can't believe how generous local companies were in supporting us, the full list of thank yous will follow soon!!& the answer to the questions on everyone's lips.... will there be another.....quite possibly yes.... watch this space.
Finally, whilst the B2B fair involved all the Slummy Mummies, there was one particular Slummy who worked tirelessly on the event and did most of the organising, Mummy L you are a star, and from now on will be known as Super Slummy, a nickname which is well and truly earnt. We love you to bits are amazed by your organisation skills.