Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nappy 'grab bag' product review

My golden rule when going anywhere with Baby J is ...always take a nappy & wipes, but when I'm just nipping over to my in laws for a cuppa, or popping down to the shops I don't always want to have to take my big changing bag with me, especially if I know Baby J won't need food, and I know I won't be long, in the past I've bunged a few nappies in a carrier bag and took with me, not the most glamours thing to do but it did the job. Whilst browsing the Internet I saw some 'nappy grab bags' which looked amazing, and then by pure luck I was sent one to review.... HOORAY!
The lovely Nappy & Wipes Travel Pouch [or nappy grab bag as I prefer] was sent to me by a lovely lady who has her own shop on Etsy called Hellomaterial, the nappy grab bag I was sent was made in Cath Kidston Cowboy oilcloth, which I really love, suits me well. Its the ideal size and I've fitted in 4 nappies, a bag of wipes, my purse, keys, phone and snack for Baby J, if you wanted to be super organised you could also purchase the matching changing mat which will fit in as well. The loop on the grab bag is ideal to hang over the handle of my buggy / & round my wrist. As its oilcloth it is waterproof too, ideal with the awful weather we've been having. The pattern is lovely and vibrant and I've Baby J loved pointing at the cacti when we stopped for a drink when on a walk to feed the ducks. Later when I no longer need to carry nappies it could be used as a wash bag as its that perfect size to fit all my stuff in.
It is handmade and priced at a reasonable £14.95 this is a great item, and will come in handy in various uses for years to come. Hellomaterial Shop also does these in other patterns too, so if cowboys are your thing there are other patterns to choose from. Visit       
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED

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