Sunday, 12 May 2013

My lightweight wheels - Quinny Zapp

A few months back I decided to invest in a lightweight buggy that could live in the back of my car, I wanted something that could easily be assembled and used when nipping into town or on short trips. After consulting my guru sister-in-law B she offered me to try her lightweight Buggy for a day or so a Quinny Zapp, & after only a few hours I had fallen in love with it and was looking online for second hand one.
What makes it so go? Well its really lightweight at only 15kg and folds up really small, it folds down [handle bars to wheels, then in] and fits easily in the boot of my car with room to spare for shopping and everything else. It has a great little sun canopy with windows so you can watch baby, and the straps are well padded for comfort.Mine also came with a carry bag, so if we ever do go away it can be put in the bag.
The downside -  no storage, but this can be overcome by buying a simple net basket which easily fits on. It also easily tips, so beware leaving heavy bags on the handles.  I've  recently invested in some hamster bags, which attach to the frame and can be used as rucksacks if needed, these not only add to the storage but also help make the buggy more sturdy. The rain cover fits, but is a little snug, so when Baby J insists on kicking it, it easily comes undone.
I've found the Zapp to be excellent, Baby J is always happy to go in, and although it doesn't recline he has managed to nod off it whilst being pushed round the shops. I picked up a second hand one from ebay for £40, it was in immaculate condition and came with a rain cover too. I've noticed there are always Zapp's for sale on second hand sits and on ebay, so its worth shopping around.
I still use my Oyster on walks, and long day trips when I want Baby J to be super snug, but on little trips I use my Zapp.

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  1. I love my zapp!!!!!! It's so great for fitting in the car. I also have the hamster bags they're fantastic. I usually clip mine onto the bottom bar at the back where the wheels it clips on nicely and still folds right down so long as the bag is empty and of its full I just simply clipped it off they're great.