Saturday, 11 May 2013

Briggs Bibs and Bobs Blanket review - the best blanket around

Fans of my site and followers on Twitter will know that we are HUGE fans of Briggs Bibs and Bobs, a few months back we reviewed some of their bibs, and the Slummy Mummies gave it a big thumbs up, not only were they excellent bibs, but the profits go to Post Natal Research. One of the comments left on the review from the bibs mentioned a blanket, and the person who left the comment raved how amazing her blanket was that she'd had from Briggs Bibs and Bobs..... hummmm what was this amazing blanket? I enquired and was kindly sent one to review.
From the moment I was handed the package I was impressed [& I hadn't even seen the blanket] The packaging was well thought out and made me feel excited to open this luxurious package. When I opened the box I was blown away, the blanket exceeded all of my expectations,  the reversible blanket was soft baby blue on one side & blue, navy and brown stripes on the other. The material was so soft and cosy! On the top of the blanket are ribbon tags, which are perfect for Baby J to grab on to, There is even a label with a press stud which can looped round your cot, moses basket, pram, buggy, car seat etc to help keep it in place.... but the detail that made me smile and bought a sappy tear to my eye was the embroidered name of Baby J on the corner in gold with a heart. :-)
The one above is very similar to mine, and taken from Briggs Bibs and Bobs facebook page.!/briggsbibsandbobs
The blanket is the perfect size, it  doesn't dwarf Baby J, but likewise he isn't going to outgrow it anytime soon. I've used it for a few weeks now and Baby J loves it, on the weekend during a family movie he happily cuddled down in it, I've also used it in the buggy, and with the handy press stud I wasn't worried about Baby J throwing it out of the buggy when I wasn't looking, it was also useful when I was getting him out as I could move it out the way without it flying  out on to the floor.
After a drink got spilt over it I was worried it would be ruin, but I followed the washing instructions and it came out as good as new - HOORAY! The blanket would make a great new Baby gift, and it something that can be used for a long time. After Baby J has gone to bed I often nab it and cuddle down with it in the evenings too - it just has that 'cuddle me now' feel to it or as we say in our household it has the 'cwtch factor'. Priced at just £22 which includes personalisation [postage is extra] this blanket is a bargain, I've seen similar blankets available else where which are no where near as nice, but are priced a lot lot higher. So don't waste time shopping around, order from Briggs Bibs and Bobs, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and whoever you give the blanket too [if you can bare to be parted from it] will love it and treasure it.
Well done Briggs Bibs and Bobs for yet another masterpiece, you are truly are a talented selfless lady.
It goes without saying...
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED

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